Vessel - Invention Report 1: The Fluro

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In Vessel, players take on the role of Arkwright, a renowned inventor whose inventions - living liquid creatures known as Fluros - have gone awry, turning on their users and disrupting machinery throughout the world. To fix the flawed Fluros and restore order, players must create, manipulate and destroy a wide variety of Fluros and operate complex machinery to solve challenging puzzles. Vessel takes players on an exploratory adventure through four fascinating worlds, fixing the work sites where Fluros are employed and ultimately leading the player to complete Arkwright's next great invention, "The Accelerator."




Vessel - PAX Prime 2011 Trailer

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Liquid creatures have overrun this world of fantastic machines and unstoppable progress, and it is the role of their inventor Arkwright to understand and correct the problems they have wrought. Control water, lava, reactant chemicals, glowing goo and more as you travel to work sites that use these liquid creatures for labor, fixing the damage they have done while studying and applying the strange fluid abilities they possess -- melting and reforming, absorbing and exploding, and other mysterious evolutions that have occurred in the field. Back in his lab, Arkwright applies these abilities to his next massive invention, the Device, which when completed will solve the Fluro problem and change everything in unimaginable ways.

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