War Inc Battlezone




War Inc. Battlezone - Launch Trailer

War_Inc_Battlezone_Launch_Trailer.mp4 | 39.07 MB

Sign up to play War Inc. Battlezone now: https://account.thewarinc.com/register.php




War Inc. Battlezone - The Citadel Trailer

War_Inc_Battlezone_the_Citadel.mp4 | 23.14 MB

Rolling out is a major update to the stunning, AAA, free-to-play shooter experience that is War Inc.




War Inc. Battlezone - Debut Trailer

WAR_Trl_Final_PlayFreeOnly.wmv | 107.62 MB

In the game, players join the ranks of battle-hardened mercenaries, entering a war theatre where up to 64 players can engage in relentless action and intense competition in diverse maps and multiplayer game modes. “War Inc. Battlezone” also features one of the deepest customization systems ever designed for an online shooter, where players get free and immediate access to create persistent characters with a variety of traits then load them out with a wide arsenal of gear and weaponry. Online Warmongers developed the game using the Eclipse Game Engine, a proprietary engine created by its affiliate Arktos Entertainment Group to deliver F2P games that rival the experience players get on HD consoles.

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