Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II Retribution




Dawn of War 2: Retribution Mod - Vengeance of the Blood Ravens (Gamma)

Astartes_gamma.7z | 1.41 GB

Prepare to find Space Marines as powerful as the books depict them, ork hordes in their hundreds, and dozens of Guard tanks shelling into an incoming tyranid horde!




Dawn of War 2: Retribution Mod - Destroyer 40K v2.0

Dawn_of_War_2_Destroyer_40k_Mod_2.0.exe | 177.97 MB

Tons of new units and wargear options for Space Marines and Chaos Marines, as well as the Tau as a playable race(Models by NastyNoodle), and the Grey Knights of the Inquisition as a playable race via upgrade at marine HQ.

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