Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm




Soulstorm Bugfix Mod Version 1.43

SoulstormBugfixMod1.43.exe | 15.55 MB

The crash in the single player campaign Eldar stronghold mission should now be fixed since I've updated the AI to the Dawn of Skirmish 3.2 version.

Fixes SM and Chaos Frag Grenades stunning the entire squad instead of just the units in the are of effect, Chaos Horrors using Marine voices when entering/exiting transports, Deceiver spawn animations, Necron Pariah melee health reduction affecting invulnerable units, Dark Eldar Haemonculus Soul Destruction ability should be more reliable, Dark Eldar Listening Post textues black areas should be fixed and some minor Chaos and Eldar tooltip fixes.

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