Watch Dogs




Watch Dogs Mod - E3 Shaders v0.6

E3_Shaders_v06.rar | 52.22 KB

Included in this mod(not all features are available yet):

-Changes to the default fog values
-Enabled bokeh DOF for the main cameras
-Stuttering Improvements
-E3 2012 Bloom
-Performance Improvements
-Enabled Headlight Shadows
-LoD Changes
-Reflection changes
-Added 3 new cameras to the game(closer, normal, further)
-Rain changes(High quality rain drops, properly reacting to light, etc)
-Lighting changes(TESTING AND WIP)
-Civilians density changes




Watch Dogs - TheWorse Mod v1.0

TheWorse MOD 1.0v.rar | 770.29 MB

To install, replace the patch files in the data_win folder with the files in the archive.

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