XCOM Enemy Unknown




XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mod - Merciless v0.9a

Merciless_Mod-98-v0-9a.zip | 3.49 MB

Every change in this mod is to balance each and every choice that you might have to make. Be it choosing which ability you want for your Heavy, if you want to save a country from Panicking or gain Scientists for a research project.




XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mod - Terror From Space v1.11

Terror from Space-61-1-11.rar | 72.23 KB

A strategic management feature where you have to make a tough call on a daily basis, where everything is useful but nothing easy to attain. You will face more challenges and problems, but also be able to use much more to find a solution. Every facility and every item is now useful and even the Gray-Market prices now encourage selling items, especially alien tech - though selling without care will result in a lack of alien tech for research and production!

This mod will challenge you and your soldiers from the early beginning until the very end, and especially on the higher difficulties ruthlessly punish tactical mistakes. Fortunately, it's now possible to recover from mistakes, as the Panic system is slightly more balanced, though too many mistakes will still see the X-COM program quickly abandoned.

For those who take the first steps in X-COM and would like a challenge, but are not used to the game yet, easy and normal offer alternatives that mostly contain the same changes, though panic and financial aspects are more generous and allow more room for mistakes and recovery from failed missions.

Made by Anyone.

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