Ys I and II Chronicles




Ys I and II Chronicles Features Trailer

Ys C Features Trailer.mp4 | 7.24 MB

In anticipation of the game’s arrival, XSEED offers a new trailer to explore the depths of what makes Ys I & II Chronicles an enveloping and richly engrossing Action RPG experience.




Ys I & II Chronicles Gameplay Trailer

Ys I and II Chronicles Gameplay Trailer 01-14-11.mp4 | 17.7 MB

XSEED Games has released a new trailer for Ys I & II Chronicles. This trailer provides new details for this upcoming compilation.




Ys I & II Chronicles Hair Metal Pack Trailer

YsC_trailer12-20-10_6.mp4 | 8.36 MB

The “Hair Metal Pack” celebrates the origins of Falcom’s legendary in-house band, the jdk Band, commemorating when they were unleashed upon the world with the launch of the original Ys in 1987.

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