Alter Aeon




Alter Aeon Client for Windows

AlterAeon.exe | 604.91 KB

In addition, the official Alter Aeon client now includes native audio support, bringing a new level of immersion to the game.

Some of the new abilities added with this expansion allow for storing magic in items for later use, safe reconnaissance of nearby areas, and creating temporary safe havens. Necromancers will benefit from the ability to bind soulstones to weapons and armor. Fighter classes, in addition to new combat skills, will also benefit for the first time from the addition of skill boosting items.

This update also includes enhancements to the game's outstanding support for blind and visually impaired players. In addition to general usability improvements, Alter Aeon now supports exporting raw game data in a format directly usable by soundpack creators and the general visually impaired community.




Alter Aeon Client (Windows)

AlterAeon.exe | 469.5 KB

Dentinmud Internet Services announces a major expansion to Alter Aeon. By adding new features such as undead armies and demon summoning, the new Necromancer class dramatically expands the options and abilities available to players.

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