Decisive Campaigns Warsaw to Paris




Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg From Warsaw to Paris v1.51 Patch | 29.54 MB


1. Little bigger font used in combat results.
2. Hotkey for HQ Power (Key-5) and Air/Art Range (Key-6) added.
3. Super Higher resolution now supported, bug with 2600 pixel width (or more) should be fixed.
4. New mod file lines can be added. After the buttons have all been defined there is now an optional line that takes the number of graphicfile string replacements. For each number add a line below. With two arguments: “stringtobereplaced,” ”stringtoreplacewith.” This functionality makes it easy to make graphic mods that don’t overwrite existing graphics. I will give some more info on this separately.
5. Wheel zooms in and out at location of mouse.
6. Fixed a Bug with aircraft not doing any structural damage when not faced with any opponents. (BUG)
7. When clicking OOB tab close you click through on map => fixed.
8. Some small fixes in editor and for import zip function.
9. Editor Add SfType bug fixed.
10. Fixed a bug caused by playing a regime card in the middle of giving an attack order (like air attack).
11. Fixed a bug with big map modus and switching back to small map modus using PgUp while in the middle of issuing an attack order.
12. Endless battle bug in AI with naval attacks on port should be fixed.
13. Stated in intcp mouse over that only fighters will intercept also double checked that no bombers are actually intercepting by accident.
14. Changed the d100 dice throw for intercept algorithm, this should fix issue with too often too large amount of enemy interceptors or to often too little amount of interceptors.
15. For modding: When loading ZIP game will now display any readme.txt file contents to player and if a file has been written to the mods/ directory the game will advise the player to restart the game.
16. For modding purposes: Regime Pen color is now not used for the natocounters and all text in the color is now correctly rendered in the Pen color. This should allow for modding really light counters and using black pen on top of them. If none of the rgb values of the Pen is above 128 then the text shadow is also dropped.
17. Increased highlighting of divisional parts and HQ subordinates
18. Volume control added for background music and for sound effects in the preferences tab
19. Recon does no longer destroy any completely empty units in the target hex.
20. Fixed a bug with a crash if you cancelled move by clicking outside highlighted area and then would follow up with clicking HQ link.
21. Supply is no longer already consumed in setup turn when playing with free setup variant on.
22. In the statistics the lines saying n/a no longer popup
23. Red attack arrows no longer appear on the map when moving aircraft.
24. Clicking in the detailed troop list and returning no longer resets listbox to top of list.
25. DC1 bug with less troops in campaign in France, while not played card fixed.
26. DC1 glitch in Sea Lion with German Corps units not using roman numerals fixed.
27. A minor AI bug.




Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg From Warsaw to Paris v1.50c Patch | 27.65 MB

Changelog: Fixes and Improvements - Crash during AI Strategic Transfers. - The Editor Add SFType bug. - Full scenario editor including allowing any modder or scenario designer to implement any of the rules introduced in DC: Case Blue, for example: logistical centers, air supply missions or artillery stockpiles. - Divisional highlighting mode added (highlight all parts of the same division) - Ability to change zoom level while giving an order - Mouse-wheel zoom support - HQ highlighting mode added (highlights all units under a certain HQ) - HQ power radius mode added - Artillery radius and Aircraft intercept radius mode added - HQ Counters are almost always brought to top of stack - More selection popup windows with more information - Ability to hide a lot of the bottom interface window and show more of the map - Some graphics speed optimizations - A lot of small bugs fixed - A lot of small improvements to the interface - New rewritten AI for DC:Case Blue also made available in the Editor of DC1. Plus a trial - Poland39 scenario for use with this DC2AI added for testing.




Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg From Warsaw to Paris v1.04i Patch | 16.75 MB

This update fixes a few quick issues in the unique WWII operational-level game.




Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris Update v1.02

DCTheBlitzkriegWarsawParis-Update-v102.exe | 18.74 MB

This update includes a number of minor fixes, adds a few hotkeys, makes a few additional improvements, and eliminates random variants from campaigns with historical settings.




Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris Patch v101

DCTheBlitzkriegWarsawParis-Update-v101.exe | 18.8 MB

The v1.01 update is focused on maintenance and fixes most of the issues reported since release, including a few of crashes and campaign issues. Overall, this update tightens up and polishes the unique and addicting gameplay.

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