March of the Eagles




March of the Eagles - Release Trailer

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Set at the height of the Napoleonic Wars, March of the Eagles is a wargame friendly to newcomers to Paradox Development Studio's stable of award-winning strategy titles, while still having the streamlined diplomacy perfect for cutthroat scheming for both newcomers and veterans alike. Go forth to the battlefield and take on your friends and rivals in multiplayer games for up to 32 players, that will have you not talking to each other for weeks afterwards.




March of the Eagles - Dev Diary: Armies on the Move

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Learn how this two tiered model of feeding and arming your troops can lead to difficult decisions about what to build and where to expand.




March of the Eagles - Gameplay Trailer

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Main Features:

* A Decade of Fire: Rule a major European power from 1805 to 1815 and ride out a decade of tactical innovation and strategic duplicity.
* Manage Great Men: Take advantage of your generals' unique skills to be sure they are in the right place when rival armies meet.
* Manage Great Armies: Recruit vast armies from your population or build a navy to contest the rule of the seas.
* The Velvet Glove: Build coalitions to strengthen your hand and use diplomacy to undermine your enemies
* Logistics and Tactics: An army marches on its stomach, so keep your supply lines secure while your forces master new tactics and new modes of fighting in an era that revolutionized warfare.
* Mutiplayer: Up to 32 people can go online and duke it out for mastery of Europe.




March of the Eagles - Announcement Trailer

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Announcing March of the Eagles, a strategy wargame covering the ten years of the Napoleonic Wars, when a Corsican boy used maddeningly clever new tactics to bring all of Europe to its knees.

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