Mars War




Mars: War Logs - Introduction

Mars_War_Logs_Introduction.mp4 | 220.13 MB

The general feeling was that the translation didn't stick closely enough to the original French story and dialog. Luc Heninger, Director of Production at Focus Home Interactive, explains the situation in this video.




Mars War Logs - PC Launch Trailer

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You play as Roy, a renegade caught in the middle of a civil war, while different corporations fight over the most precious resource, water. Follow an immense main quest in which every choice counts, develop your character and your combat style by choosing among many different talents and skills. In dynamic, real-time combat, face fearsome opponents including some of the most terrifying creatures of Mars. The craft system lets you create and modify your equipment, your weapons and your armor. Your behavior during dialogues, as well as your choices and decisions will influence your companions and the fate of the people who will cross your path... and maybe the fate of all the colonies on Mars.




Mars: War Logs - Overview Trailer

Mars_War_Logs_Overview_Trailer.mp4 | 113.81 MB

Narrated by Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Studio, this 2m40s video shows new gameplay sequences and tells us more about the game and its origins. We learn how Mars War Logs was born and how its talented and passionate developers gave a truly unique soul to this project they hold very dear. After giving us a few details about the setting of this game that presents the Red Planet as we have never seen it before, we learn why Mars War Logs is a fully-fledged RPG, in which player choices leave their mark on the story and its unfolding. Spiders Studio really wanted to offer total freedom to the players who will have to face the consequences of their decisions through dialogues, through choosing their skills, with their behaviour toward their companions, or even through the equipment and upgrades they decide to craft. Players will be forced to take responsibility for their actions: for example, slaying human opponents after a battle will be an advantagous source of income... but will also make many characters wary of you!




Mars: War Logs - Combat Trailer

Mars_War_Logs_Combat_Trailer.mp4 | 111.06 MB

This 2 minute and a half video is a true survival guide, explaining in detail the combat system of Mars and the possibilities it opens to the player.




Mars: War Logs - Trailer #1

Mars_War_Logs_Trailer_1.mp4 | 70.57 MB

Today, we are taking you for a trip far away from Earth, over 200 million miles from here. The new role-playing game from Spiders Studio, Mars War Logs, shows a new side of itself through a splendid new video exclusively made of in-game footage. Guaranteed 100% Dubstep-free, this first trailer is supported by bewitching music that contrasts with the strong images of the video: the survivors of the great cataclysm that hit Mars, who have retreated into huge slum-cities and are subjected to the dictatorship of the guilds controlling the planet's most precious resource, water.




Mars: War Logs - Teaser Trailer

mars_warlogs_teaser.mp4 | 50.84 MB

Mars: War Logs, the action RPG developed by Spiders, offers a wide variety of quests, tactical dynamic combat, and extensive character specialization through different skill trees and a complete craft system. Check out the first glimpse in this all-new teaser.




Mars War v1.0.2.0 Client

MarsWarInstaller1.0.2.0.exe | 323.8 MB

A new updated client for Mars War is now available. Compared with some other FPS games, in Mars War, the weapon will be not limited into guns; you can choose tanks and spaceships as your main weapon.




Mars War v1.0.1.3 Client

MarsWarInstaller1.0.1.3.exe | 361.15 MB

Published by MMOLover, Mars War is a free-to-play 3D MMO First Player Shooting Online Game launched on 10th January 2011.

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