Victoria 2




Victoria II Patch v1.3

VictoriaII_v1.3_Patch.exe | 53 MB

----------------------------------------------------------------------- - AI Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Tweaked the AI logic for techs and Gas. - AI will now recruit as many generals as possible. - AI is now better at assigning leaders. - AI should now research naval techs correctly. - National focus AI will now remove focus from colonization attempts that are far behind an opponents colonization attempt of the same region. - All AI countries will no longer pick the same option on events that all countries get simulatiously. - Added more AI chance factors to techs, mainly to encourage late game factory unlockers. - Further fixes to capitalist AI - AI will now turn off subsidies more intelligently - AI chance added to lots of Army/Navy techs. - Upped AI chance on researching new ship types some more. - AI is more likely to increase military spending if low amount of soldiers. - AI will nolonger attempt to colonize regions where someone elses colonization is way ahead. - AI can now delete factories. - Fixed some Naval AI issues - Improved Naval AI strait blocking and guarding - Optimized an AI pathfinding check (ShouldGoByLand) - fixed: Does the AI know how to remove factories? - fixed problem with the ai trying to upgrade buildings that aren't there - fixed Capitalist AI build logic: Single Closed Factory in State under L-F Government - Fixed a bug which caused the AI to always disband at least one regiment at each reload. - The AI learned to not build engineers instead of infantry. - Army AI: Fixed an odds bug where the AI would grossly underestimate enemy strength - Army AI: Improved odds calculation to look at more factors ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Gamebalance Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Pops - Clergy promotion now check clergy levels, not officer levels. - A few immigration-attracting effects now also increase assimilation rate. - Reduced default assimilation rate by 25%. - Citizenship policies now increase assimilation rates. - Continents can now affect provinces, which currently just sets assimilation rate depending on continent. - Having political and social reforms enacted increase the angryness of political party being appointed. - Low literacy POPs are now far less likely to promote - Soldiers are now less likely to become craftsmen if you spend money on them. - Farmers and Labourers at <20% literacy is now less likely to become craftsmen. - Increased Mil reduction after rising to 3 (from 1). - Mil from reform desire doubled - Literacy is now capped to 100% - Fixed a bug in promotion factors that nerfed promotion to bureaucrats when admin spending was above 0. - Literate pops are more likely to promote to bureaucrats in states with under 1% bureaucrats. - Removed lux goods modifier for generic promotion chance as lux needs are higher now. - Fixed clerk to bureaucrat promotion. - Soldiers may now also promote to craftsmen. - Craftsmen now want the wage reforms more. - Told soldiers not to promote to craftsmen in colonies. - Clergy less likely to promote to officers when education spending is 100% and Military is under 80 - Pop's desire for voting rights to their strata doubled. - less bureaucrat promotions when spending = 0 - pops thinking of becoming aristocrats check state scope to see if there's too many rather than the nation - Pops will not assimilate in overseas colonies. - Lowly populated areas will not completely depopulate from migration. - Pops should no longer emigrate to occupied provinces - Pops in occupied provinces should not promote or demote. - Hit healthcare with the nerfbat. - Made craftsmen a little more likely to promote to clerks. - Pops learned to move around more. * Military - Arty brigades have defence now, techs increasing their attack will also raise def. - Mobilisation calculation is now using merged smaller pops to not punish smaller countries so much. ie, Prussia vs France. - Supply costs now affect military score. - Upkeep cost for brigades increased - Army techs increase upkeep cost more. - Troops no longer affect colonial progress. - Tweaked colonial progress to not go backwards. - MoW arty need upped to be in line with others - Units will nolonger leave combat if they cancel movement. * Diplomacy - Same continent-cores and the capitals are now weighed more in warscore calculations. - Peacecosts for taking province will not grow because of enemy is losingn territory to rebels at the same time. - A country being forced to be released will get a truce with the country releasing it. - Rewrote mechanics so that bankrupcies, 'gunboating' and defaults are 'on the same page': * A country that cant pay their intresst goes bankrupt, this will put them in default to all creditors for two years * All creditors gets a cb/wargoal to force them to repay their debts, if they win the country will no longer be in default to them * After two years, all loans held by the bankrupt country, that it still is defaulting on, will be cleared - Good peace offers that are declined now incur a penalty to the decliner, also added text to the peace offer message that reflects this. - Admit Hegemony now gets all relevant countries into your sphere!. - You can now properly influence countries added to your sphere even if you have a truce. - No longer possible to humilitate a country which has recently lost a war (within last 5 years.) - Being forced to disarm now reduces your badboy quicker. - You can always influence someone in your sphere, even if at truce with them. - Countries should now allways get a cb on debt default - Only the selected wargoals are now executed - Only countries that exists will be added to spheres when a hegemony war is won. * Economy - Increased output of underproduced RGO goods - RGO workers will now be fired if they are oversupplying. - Prices can now rise if there is a demand for them, but nothing actually produced yet. - Rebalanced factory outputs to make late game factories actually profitable. - Complete revision of Pop needs. - Reduced POP demand for certain manufactured goods - Lowered electric gear factory's cement cost to be in line with others - National focus for factory production will now be much strongerly considered by capitalists and they may ignore non-profitability. - Intrest is now payed before anything else - If you have no money and get no loans, expenses no longer gets payed - Loans are now payed of in fleet orders (the private inverstors have a really big one ) - Reduced demand of certain goods to bring supply and demand into better balance. - Fabric, the manufactured good that powered the Industrial revolution, is now more economic to make. - Prices can now fluctuate between 20% and 500% of base price. - Cement factories no longer need cement to work properly - Tweaked supply and demand for certain goods - Further tweaked luxury demands * Rebels - Middle-class pops now provide some infantry when they rise. - Rebels are now a bit more dangerous, as they have leaders, and will reinforce and are resilient. - Socialists now back political reforms at half the want of liberals. - Liberals now back social reforms at half the want of socialists. - Military issues are no longer so extremely important for people. - Chanced Anarcho Liberal trigger to be political reform want rather than social. No social reform want before Socialists are active. - Anarcho liberal rebels will no longer form in bourgeois dictatorships. - Reduced chance for primary culture pops to join nationalist rebels. - Expanded trigger to activate commies to make it more likely. - Farmers and labourers are a bit more likely to go socialist in equality nations with socialist ruling parties. - Farmers and labourers are keener on pensions when not getting their lux needs filled. - Small increase of probability of national rebels rising compared to others in the later game. - Pops less likely to join Anarcho-liberal rebels if not of culture group or accepted - More modifiers to make Pops go Socialist when they desire social reform - Rebel rising popups now has a max size - Terrorist cells are now only activated when the terrorism tech is discovered. - Spoil system is now properly active from the start. * Technology - Advantgarde Intelligentsia were found to be actually quite useful, we have returned the Intelligentsia back to it is more traditional role of being seen to be a burden to honest hard working people. - Increased researchpoints from plurality and literacy. - Newly created countries will now have their technologies properly initialised. - Released countries no longer go immediately bankrupt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Interface Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Newly created leaders are now added to the top of the list. - Supply consumption on unitview now takes current level from country into account. - Map will no longer scroll if you are moving cursor while editing the name of a unit. (Or any other editbox) - Fixed needs dissapearing from the pop details screen for very small pops. - Political screen will now show the same reform allow percent in all toolstips regarding the same thing. - Bank loans tabs nolonger toggle, but rather switch to the tab that was clicked. - Fixed bug where poptype tooltips would show the wrong luxury fullfillment. - Fixed a technology tooltip. - Declare war tooltips will now state that you are in the same SoI as your target rather than that they are in your SoI if this is infact the case. - fixed Stockpile slider: percentage tooltip should be visible over buttons - added shortcut tooltips - National focus sprites will now always be placed in a province owned by the focus owner. ( Unless colonization focus ) - Chance of allies joining in a war when call allies checkbox is ticked added. - War effects can now be setup to call in allies or not. - Unitview will now color the pop icon red if the pop is unable to reinforce or yellow if it can reinforce only at a slower rate. - Pop icons on subunits being reorganized will now be colored the same way as the pop icons in the unit view. - Units that are under construction will no longer flicker in the millitary screen - Build screens will now remember what tab it was on. - Military screen is now less laggy with large armies. - New policical parties and removal of old parties will now trigger messages. - War intervene screen now shows the correct reason. - Days of insolvency for factories is now visible on the production screen. - Unitflags will now change when government is changed. - Parties now have a more informative tool tip. - Fixed Message log incorrectly reports province defection - Auto-create/assign leaders creates admirals for 1-ship fleet - You can now disable auto assign for leaders you don't like - Now Better scrolling in popview ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - User Modding ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Terrain trigger now works properly in migration checks. - Civilized trigger now works for pop & province scope. - The 'corruption' trigger now works properly and is a range from 0-1 telling how large percentage of your country that is covered by crime buildings. - Fixed the "is_secondary_power" trigger. - Added a new modifier called 'global_assimilation_rate' which is for an entire country. - Added a trigger for 'has_recently_lost_war = yes/no'. - Infrastructure command now changes railroad level, not sets it. - Added a trigger called 'strata = poor/middle/rich' for pop scope. - The 'money = x' trigger now works. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Database Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added a decision where secondary powers with poor relations with their master can leave a SoI. - Leave SoI decision now uses secondary power trigger. Also moved it to Allow section so it is visible to any nation in a SoI. - Lowered MTTH on socialist and communist enabling events and made triggers a bit easier - Tweaked a few triggers for events to not happen when they shouldn't. - von molke's reforms also availible to NGF/GER - fixed ORs in Jacobin rebels - fixed tech check in expressionism inventions - DAN/HAB changed to DEN/AUS in country colors - name changes in cultures file from community fixpack - prussian_constitutionalism uses monarch flag - Israel can no longer form Germany - The Peking Convention can no longer be enacted while Russia is at war with China - Gifted Administrator trait now improves ORG rather than reducing it - corrected flag name in ACW events - corrected relation effects to use WHO rather than WITH in some ACW events/decisions - fixed abolish_prohibition trigger - fixed event 31507 trigger, should be for AUS rather than LOM + flag check - event 31508 polish Committee of Independence also fires for GER/RUS - Ship Explodes event adds correct CB - fixed WITH/WHO in civ and gunboats too - Disloyal Regiment event checks correct pop type - removed needless owner scope in the Bitter rain event - added civ check to Heia Safari! event/effect and changed WITH to WHO - Colony Improves event only happens in colonies now - correct poptype checked in event 36202 - correct poptype checked in event 36203 - removed check for global flag GermanizeSchlewsigDENes in event 36206 as it is not set by anything - correct poptype checked in event 36923 - events 36940 and 36941 check correct tag (NZL) - event 33003 checks BAV, not BAY - event 33004 affects relations with DEN, not DAN - Abu Dhabi checked only once in oil event - IdeologyEnabling events now only have one picture defined. - The Great Escape event only checks civ status once - Friend's Almshouse event checks pop, not state - Signing the Geneva convention requires under 25 BB, not 250. - Dental Care Bill event modifier corrected - The Familiar Institution and Withdrawing Privileges of the Unemployed events empty modifiers removed - Unraveling Reform event changes correct reform - Union Busting event only checks civ status once - $COUNTRY$ Has Abolished Slavery event only checks civ status once - An Age of Liberalism event flag corrected - Springtime of Nations modifier corrected - End of The Liberal Revolution Part 2, trigger needed an OR and now it has one. - Potato Famine Debated, needless owner scope removed - Insurrection event, OR added - Revolt event checks correct flag - Cholera Epedemic event, needless owners checks removed. - Local Poet event modifier fixed - Local Clergy preaches disobedience event modifier fixed - National Martyr event, extra AND removed - Pan-Nationalist event, empty modifier removed - Onaction events, unneeded country and owner scopes removed - Red John event makes pops 30% more in favour, not 300% - Workhouse Strike events makes pops more 15% demanding rather than 150% - fixed Upper House Dissatisfaction event effect - fixed Free Trade & Repeal Society, Free Trade & Morals, Freemarketeering Criticized, and Newspaper Publishes Blasphemy events effects - The Alaska Purchase now sells ALL Russian land in NA to USA and removes Russian cores there - The Alaska Purchase event1 now has text on option B - The Alaska Purchase decision now requires you have enough money - Blackshirts event fixed scaled mil effect - Suffragette Movements event, fixed UH effect - Added owner scope to gov type check on event 36603 - Temperance League, Beer hall, Religious Temperance, Licensing Act, Temperance & Labour events check for muslim religions - unneeded owner scope removed form beer hall opens event - Viticultural Association event checks for country flag now, not province - many unneeded owner scopes in workplaceevents.txt removed - Blood & Iron Mine event won't fires for same place ehile modifier is active - Fashion Fails event - removed empty modifiers - anti_egalitarianism invention now correctly enables citizen guard crime - changed ENG_2014 to 2016 - removed 3 factories from the UK and turned the craftsmen back to farmers. - Added a revised alot of parties. - USA proletarian_dictatorship called American People's Republic again - Upped money from first choice in the First farmer's bank event to make it slightly tempting. - Added starting USA colonise NFs in Washington and Oregon. - Alaska purchase now gives ALL Russian NA to USA, not just USA's cores in case RUS takes some Canada. - Boy shot event costs more to investigate/ - Increased attraction to fascist rebels a bit. - Can go KUK if government = prussian_constitutionalism too! - Added a boost to fertilizer production on the artificial_fertilizers invention and electricity tech. - 13200 checks for truce with SoI owner. - 13200 gives add to SoI CB/wargoal. - Made allow/remove liquor_prohibition less spammy. - Corrected triggers in Temperance League events - Removed odd modifier from reactionary rebels. - It now costs a lot more to join the Internatonal Olympic Committee. - Changed Foreign Smugglers and Point of Trade events to give a country modifier - Event 31505 now points to correct localisation. - Added BUR to UK's SoI. - Reduced brigade cost and tech cost increase a little. - Added Linebreak to fixe liferating in Leghorn. - Activated unused FRA parties. - ISR won't ask GER to annex them anymore. - Lowered mil score needed for meiji. - Lowered Lit requirement and MttH for Enable Fascists events. - Fixed MTTH in event 45100 - precious_metal_mine is now a mine - Event 21030 MTTH fixed - 1935 nobel prize events checks right flag - Fixed the fort in Edirne. - Venezuela now has the core on Mahdia, not Venice. - Modena now in Austria’s sphere at game start - Changed event 19000 to not trigger followup for GPs with over 90 influence to avoid double SoIs. - Change a Fabric factory in Boston to Canned food and made the UK's Clipper factory level2 to smooth out early game economy. - Gave the USA 2 techs and some more bureaucrats so they can afford their navy. - Penal colonies won't fire again if you have the modifier from it. - Laagers attacked shouldn't fire multiple times for the same nation. - Events where you DoW also have a choice to call your allies as it is not automatic anymore. - FRA can't decision-annex a player MAD. - Ideologies can only be invented by civilised nations. - BOL and PEU start allied - Removed the culture penalty on industrial tech school - Removed ai_will_do from webster_ashburton_treaty and added a BB trigger - Anarcho-liberal, fascist and reactionary rebels like no_trade_unions now - Nations can only apply for US statehood once - Added a VEN core on Mahdia. - Fixed a bunch of modifiers that used literacy incorrectly - Renamed the Benin region to Dahomey. - BEL starts with XP railroad - Breslau's arty factory is now open and some more craftsmen have been added. - PRU starts with mechanical production - Fixed when poor pops want Gerrymandering - Added an event for TEX which grants some supplies - Added small BEL railway - Fixed a modifer in harassment voting issuse choice for poor pops. - Gave pandemic_influenza global effects as it is a country modifier. - Turkish reactionary and conservative parties now take a more conservative view on who is actually a Turk - Border incident requires you to be civilized. - Added a decision for Russia to move its capital to Moscow - fixed some inverted modifier in many pop issues. - fixed some triggers and reduced MttH in civ and gunboat events - Drunken sailor event now fires the correct reaction events - tweaked soldier/craftsmen promotion logic - the temperance_league modifier now affects global mil - Restricted a few gunboat events to only happen for countries they were meant to be for. - fixed a broken strait around Gibraltar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Performance and Stability ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Quite alot of optimisation done, mostly focused on late game performance. - Reported crashbugs tracked down and fixed. - Fixed lockup with big rebellions. - Fixed a common reason for OOS. - Fixed crash in pop detail tooltip ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Generic Bugfixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed bug in land combatant where subunits were not removed from retreats when their unit was deleted. - Population growth modifier will now function as intended. - fixed Losing GP status incorrectly - fixed Mass building of the same factory - fixed Negative population w/ endgame save - Some mod dir problems fixed. - fixed Russia and UK on again, off again - Its now possible to cross the dateline without it taking over a year. - fixed Intervene Tool Tip confusing - fixed discrepancy in call alliance chances - Fixed previous owner calculations - Fixed a bug with the order of wargoal execution on peace. This was causing some wargoals to fail when they should not. - Fixed units stuck as builditems in the millitary view. - Fixed ship avatars dissapearing when a ship in a unit dies. - Closed a hole in the world market code that caused money to be lost - Fixed bug where loading would reset the unique name index. - Fixed a bug where the fort bonus would be given to both sides in a combat. - Fixed a problem that caused money not be saved in save games - Casus belli's will nolonger loose their enddate on save/load. - Added missing "=" to several prov files - Removed pop needs effects from many province modifiers as it's a country level effect - Fixed a major bug that truncated savegames at some times. - New messages should now appear properly. - Fixed being occupied is great for industry - Fixed Uniforms not updating fully - Improved Gathering the following materials before construction can start info - Fixed a few missing ports. - Fixed a lockup with scripted occupation. - Fixed a few spelling mistakes.




Victoria 2 Demo

Victoria2_Demo.exe | 355.65 MB

The Victoria 2 demo puts you in control of the United States of America at a crucial junction in the history of the Union. The demo covers everything you have always wanted to know about Victoria 2.




Victoria 2

cheats.rar | 1.59 KB

This is a cheat file for the game Victoria 2 that adds several decision based cheats to the game. Just unzip and dump the cheats.txt file into the decisions folder in the main Victoria 2 directory and finally dump cheats.csv into the localization folder. Have fun.




Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - Release Trailer

Victoria_II_Heart_of_Darkness_Release_Trailer.mp4 | 9.13 MB

A revised naval system fills in the gaps between ironclads and dreadnoughts and the customizable newspaper feature guarantees that you can follow major developments half a globe away.




Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - Developer Diary #1

Victoria_2_Hearts_of_Darkness_Dev_Diary_1.mp4 | 40.76 MB

Welcome to the Victorian Age, an era of rapid transformation of technology, politics and business. Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is the second expansion to Victoria II, a political simulator where the population will react to your decisions based on their political awareness, social class, and their willingness to accept or revolt against their own government.




Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - Gameplay Trailer

Victoria_II_Heart_of_Darkness_Gameplay_Trailer.mp4 | 9.38 MB

We're giving the world its first glimpse of what lies within the souls of greedy colonialists in the newest Victoria II expansion with a new trailer! Scramble for control of Africa in Paradox's upcoming release.




Victoria 2 Rise to Power Trailer

Victoria2_Risetopower.avi | 69.22 MB

Paradox has released a new trailer for Victoria 2. This trailer gives us a look at how you can raise your army to victory and power.




Victoria 2 Behind the Scenes Trailer

Victoria2_Behind_the_Scenes.mp4 | 269.2 MB

Paradox has released a new Behind the Scenes video from the development team. Highlighting the differences between Victoria and Victoria 2, the video will you give you a taste of what to expect in the Victoria sequel.




Victoria 2 Features Trailer

Victoria 2 Features Trailer.avi | 39.36 MB

In anticipation for its upcoming grand strategy game Victoria 2, Paradox Interactive today released the latest trailer for the game featuring a sneak peek into the historical gameplay.




Victoria 2 Teaser Trailer

Victoria2_Teaser_Final.avi | 23.13 MB

This trailer shows off a first look at Victoria 2, the upcoming strategy sequel from Paradox Interactive.

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