Final Fantasy 13-2: Fair Fighter Trophy Guide

The deadliest rare monster in Final Fantasy 13-2 is also the one fight you can’t just switch to Easy… that is, if you’re looking for this trophy / achievement. And why wouldn’t you be? It comes with a free XMB theme on Playstation 3, with Moogles on it! Everyone loves Moogles, so get ready for an epic battle. Learn all the details for unlocking this particular trophy / achievement below.

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Trophy / Achievement Unlocked

Fair Fighter (Gold / 90 points): Defeated a powerful enemy on equal terms.

Moogle’s XMB Theme: Unlocked after achieving the Fair Fighter Trophy on Playstation 3.

Fair Fighter Guide

  1. Warning: This is another end-game trophy, save it for later! You’ll need some serious levels.
  2. To unlock this trophy / achievement, you’ll need to defeat one of the most difficult rare monsters in the game on Normal difficulty. That’s right, no switching to Easy for this one.
  3. It’s name is Atilla, find it in Oerba Village AF400. Search the staircase leading to the beach below, you’ll find him on the upper half, around the top. It’ll appear as a black void, signaling that you’ve discoved a rare monster.
  4. This guy just doesn’t want to appear. It can take thirty-plus minutes just to get Atilla to spawn. If you don’t feel like waiting around, try getting your hands on the “Battle Mania” fragment.
  5. The “Battle Mania” fragment improves your chances of spawning rare monsters. You can unlock this fragment in Serendipity with the Chocobo Girl, but only after earning the “Paradox Doctorate” fragment from the City of Academia AF400. To unlock the “Paradox Doctorate” fragment, you’ll need to achieve 100% map completion from all maps available in the game.
  6. To make this battle easy, get to level 99 in all six roles for both Noel and Serah. If you aren’t willing to work that hard at leveling quite yet, you’ll still need to set yourself up with some good equipment and nearly max your favorite roles.
  7. The biggest surprise Atilla throws at you are Blood Damage attacks, which lower your Max HP. These attacks can devastate your characters over time — heal them as early as possible. Purchase plenty of Blood Potions to cure that status ailment before fighting Atilla.
  8. Atilla himself has massive HP, so come expecting a long fight. With Serah and Noel maxed out, the battle should only take a handful of minutes, so if you’re having trouble, just keep grinding XP. Goodluck!

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On February 18, 2012 at 11:52 pm

I fought this monster on easy mode and it was hardddddd he kept respawning tons of monsters and had over three million hp! I don’t need the moogles tht bad :\