Final Fantasy 13-2: Giant’s Fist Trophy Guide

Are your knuckles burning with the anger of a righteous god? Feel like dishing out a truly ridiculous amount of damage in a single hit? If you’ve crushed every opponent in Final Fantasy 13-2 multiple times, made even the rarest creatures into wimps, and still need yet another challenge — brother, this is the trophy for you. Look below and we’ll teach you how to hit a monster for 99,999 damage in a single hit.

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Trophy / Achievement Unlocked

Giant’s Fist (Gold / 90 points): Dealt 99,999 damage with a single attack.

Giant’s Fist Guide

  1. Warning: This is another late game trophy / achievement. Beware, you’ll need extremely high stats to pull this off. Come back after you’ve finished the main story.
  2. To unlock this achievement or trophy, you’ll need to deal 99,999 damage in a single hit. Combined attacks like the Omega Javelin won’t count. You need to see that big number show-up onscreen.
  3. Advante Noel’s level in the combat roles that increase his Strength statistic. You’ll need to boost his Strength stat over 800. There are multiple weapons and tools that can help improve your Strength on Noel.
  4. The Futsuno Mitama is a Fragment Weapon available from Hope if you give away a “Chaos Crystal” fragment, which itself is obtained from Serendipity. That’ll boost your stats significantly. Equipping four Delicate Iron Bangles will also help, as they provide a +25% damage bonus while Noel’s health bar is green. Using +3 Power Fists instead of the Delicate Iron Bangles can also boost your Strength stat high enough.
  5. In the Crystarium, unlock Noel’s Impact Break and Break Burst skills. They allow for a massive strength enhanced attack, but you’ll need to get the timing just right. The damage bonus only lasts for a short time while an enemy is recovering from being staggered.
  6. The next stop is finding an enemy with enough HP. Long Gui is a perfect opponent, this rare monster appears on the Archylte Steppe. Change the weather to sunny for him to appear in the eastern section of the area map.
  7. While fighting Long Gui, take out the forelegs, then inflict Stagger, and boost the Chain Bonus until it’s up to 999%. Hit your opponent with a Deprotect spell to lower it’s defenses. If you’re using the Delicate Iron Bangles, make sure Noel’s health is green.
  8. Now, you’ll need to get the timing perfect for this next part. Issue a series of attack commands to Noel 2-3 seconds before Long Gui recovers from Stagger. With all these effects combined, you should hit the sweet spot and deal 99,999 damage. If you miss your chance, give it another try and try to deal damage to Long Gui just as it recovers from Stagger.
  9. While you’ll need at least 800 Strength, it can never hurt to boost your stats far above the baseline. Keep grinding, and boost yourself up to 1000+ Strength to ensure a 99,999-hit.

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2 Comments on Final Fantasy 13-2: Giant’s Fist Trophy Guide


On February 13, 2012 at 12:41 am

I got this trophy fighting the amber bahamut. Maxed Noel in com, rav n sen


On March 7, 2012 at 2:40 am

I leveled chicu with all attack materials and infused him with a max tonbarry. He will do 99999 too