Final Fantasy 13-2: Graviton Core Locations

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After reaching Academia (4XX AF) in Final Fantasy 13-2′s main story, you’ll have the option to begin a special sidequest. Speaking with Alysssa at the Research Facility will begin the Graviton Core hunt, where you’ll need to find five special, hidden, Cores and bring them back to Alyssa. Delivering three cores to Alyssa unlocks the Chaos Crystal for purchase at Chocholina’s shop, while delivering all five activates a sealed gate in Academia (4XX AF) and rewards you with the artefact to open it. Below you’ll find instruction for finding all five artefacts.

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Graviton Core Locations

Graviton Core Alpha

  • Location: New Bodum 003 AF
  • Find this core in the Tidal Shallows, an area to the east of the Winding Way. It’s locked until after you’ve discovered the Giant’s Artefact in the main story, down in NORA House.
  • You’ll also need the Moogle Hunt ability, that won’t come until after acquiring it in the Bresha Ruins 005 AF. The core itself is found in a small alcove off to the side, at about the center point of the map.

Graviton Core Beta

  • Location: Bresha Ruins 005 AF
  • Found in the Echoes of the Past area, near the eastern entrance into the Excavation Site, there’s a small area that is only accessible by Chocobo. You’ll have access to Chocobos after weakening and defeating Atlas in the main story.
  • Run up the ramp and fly over a short wall, then use Moogle Hunt to discover the Core.

Graviton Core Gamma

  • Location: Oerba 200 AF
  • Just north of Chocoline’s shop, in the center of the Village Proper, you can find this Core with the Moogle Hunt.
  • After the battle with Caius, you’ll be able to mount a Chocobo and fly onto the rooftop near Chocolina.

Graviton Core Delta

  • Location: Academia 400 AF
  • This Core is hidden down a long shining red ramp, just north of Chocolina’s shop in New Town. Get down to the bottom and use your Moogle Hunt ability to find the core. It only appears after defeating Zenobia.

Graviton Core Epsilon

  • Location: Yascha Massif 100 AF
  • This Core is located in the Pass of Paddra, and has no special requirements to find. Run to the northwestern corner of the map and use Moogle Hunt.
  • Look for where a small cliff creates a crack in the map in the large outdoor area, that’s where you’ll find the Core — on the upper portion.

Graviton Core Eta

  • Location: Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF
  • Find this Core in the northern section of the Assembly Area, just between the paths continuing north into the Base of the Crystal and the Undergrown Path.
  • You’ll find the Miniflan Fragment very closeby. After discovering the Fragment, use Moogle Hunt to discover the Core on a large blue circle.

Graviton Core Zeta

  • Location: Oerba 400 AF
  • Find this Core on the outer edge of the northern section of the beach. Search just east of the Deserted Schoolhouse in the Ashensand area.

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lol at gamefront

On February 10, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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On March 13, 2012 at 7:28 pm

i need to find all seven cores to go on in the game and i dont know why.