Finally, Your XBL Gamerscore Means Something

If you have an Xbox 360, then for years you’ve been accumulating this thing called a gamerscore that measures… stuff? I kid of course, it measures play time, achievements earned and so forth. But what’s the point? A big fat nothing, as the score gets you little more proof of how much time you waste gaming. Until today, anyway. Finally, Microsoft has decided to make those scores more than just a death clock and have announced that now, they come with bonuses, and profile achievements.

If you have a score between 3,000 and 9,999, you get “a special gift” the month of your birthday. If you have a score between 10,000 and 24,999, you get the ‘special gift’, as well as a 1% Rebate on your XBL marketplace purchases every month. Finally, if you have a score of 25,000 and up, you get the birthday thing plus a 2% Rebate. So all in all, it isn’t spectacular, but it’s something. Of course, this being Microsoft it isn’t automatically applied to your account. In order to start taking advantage of the bonuses, you have to first join Xbox LIVE Rewards (it goes without saying you need a gold membership too.)

Granted, you could just do the smart thing and switch to PC gaming as your default. Then you get a bonus every month, the bonus of a custom gaming platform that won’t block you from online play if you don’t feel like paying for ‘you live’.

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2 Comments on Finally, Your XBL Gamerscore Means Something

Steve Sheersmith

On October 2, 2012 at 4:39 am

Oh Ross, why are you so keen to take your hard-earned reputation to a fire sale with such dogmatic, fanboy rhetoric? How exactly is PC gaming the ‘smart’ choice? Preference on whether to play on a PC or play on a console has nothing to do with intelligence and you know it. And XBL score ‘finally mean(ing) something’? It already DOES mean something – just because something isn’t tangible doesn’t mean it isn’t important to those who invest in it. Why should you need extra incentive to play videogames in the first place? The quality of the games alone should be incentive enough. Obviously that doesn’t mean you can just take any old crap from the developers, but there’s a huge difference between standing up for consumer rights during the ME3 ending debacle, and flat-out saying that playing games isn’t enough of a reward in itself. That borders on petty entitlement.

This is from someone who thinks the new reward system is a pile of fail. Microsoft should either have made MS points unlockable through gameplay, or had a ’5% discount per every 25,000 points earned’ scheme instead of this token gesture. They’ve also mentioned nothing so far on whether purchases you’ve already made while on 25,000+ will be reimbursed the 2% you would have been discounted had you bought it now. So yes, this idea is clearly half-baked, but to try and weave that into something where console gamers are fundamentally stupid compared to PC gamers is ridiculous. This sort of hackery is exactly what gamers were trying to avoid during the ME3 crap, and the lack of it in your articles was the reason people stayed. Employing it now calls into question the integrity of everything else you’ve written.

Steffan Martin

On October 2, 2012 at 6:09 pm

It’d be nice if every time you get an acheivement you get microsoft points equal to the acheivement score.
or at least make some apps free to non-gold users, like youtube or something?