Firaxis on Some of XCOM’s Weaknesses

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Designer Jake Solomon takes the blame for the universal American accents for all of the game’s soldiers, and speaks to a few of the title’s other weaknesses.

In an interview with RPS, Solomon admitted that he made the call to not voice different accents for soldiers from different countries, saying, “That was me, I was kinda like ‘People aren’t going to give a shit that everybody sounds the same’, and obviously I was completely wrong.”

Solomon went on to discuss how he feels some opportunity was lost when it came to weapon design.

“I don’t have any major regrets, it’s just more that now that the game is a finished product and I’ve played it enough, and to hear feedback, to really evaluate it, I think that the weapons, I think they’re interesting, but not as interesting as I’d like. The classes are certainly interesting, but then the weapons… Like, Laser weapons are not much more than more powerful conventional weapons. Then the Plasma weapons are not much more than more powerful Laser weapons, so it’s kind of a lost opportunity there.

“We’ve got some really cool stuff, like in the armor, the Ghost stuff and the jet packs, but the weapons didn’t do that, and I think that that’s sort of a missed opportunity.”

The commander’s base of operations was another area that could have included more depth. Solomon said:

“I think that to a certain extent, functionally, I think there’s something to be desired there. There’s still a lot of potential there, because personally I love the base, I love, love, love the way it looks, I love having it and seeing the little people.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s my GI Joe nature coming out. It feels really cool and adds to that sense of ‘I am a commander’. Seeing that always reinforces that sense of ‘I’m the bossnder.’ But, that being said, I think we all have had these really long lists of things that we would like to do to it, but I think that functionally there could be more that could be done. Obviously the base attacks weren’t in there/ I think that that probably reduces some of the impact of it, because in the original game you had your base and you didn’t really feel a strong connection to it until all of a sudden you had a base assault, and then you were down in the actual base that you constructed and fighting for it.”

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s free Second Wave DL released last week.

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2 Comments on Firaxis on Some of XCOM’s Weaknesses


On January 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Got to respect a developper that can sit and see the weaknesses of his games and openly admit it…

Funny thing is the 3 examples he gaves are indeed things that annoyed me…
Nothing compared to the bad camera angles and the shooting through walls though…


On January 19, 2013 at 9:09 am

And in another six months he’ll admit how bad they *really* f’d up.