First Look at Art From the Mass Effect Anime (PICS)

It’s been almost a year since we’ve brought you news of the Mass Effect anime that’s in development, a joint effort of EA and FUNimation Entertainment. We’ve finally been shown artwork for the movie, which is said to expand on side information and widen the Mass Effect universe without really encroaching on the primary story found in the games.

Check out the assets:

What do you think? Looking good? I just recently Photoshopped together what Mass Effect 3 would look like as a JRPG

via All Games Beta

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2 Comments on First Look at Art From the Mass Effect Anime (PICS)


On March 13, 2012 at 3:23 pm



On April 10, 2012 at 12:42 am

Honestly, I have no problems with Mass Effect straying into other media, as long as they follow a few rules. These include seriously avoiding altering established canon, and just as seriously avoiding canonising ANYTHING from the games. Anything. At all. I don’t even want it canonised that Garrus survived ME2 (which he probably did for all players). If it’s a choice we get to make in the game, it can NOT be canonised in other media. The last novel made me rage-face because it actually said that Anderson was “Councillor Udina’s” aide. Not in my game, he wasn’t- in my game he WAS councillor. Altering a fan’s personal canon after giving them the choice in the first place is a one-way trip to fan-rage.

With that said, if they introduce characters we see in the games- such as Vega, who it’s safe to say we see here- they have to be damn careful how they present them, and it would be easiest just to steer way clear and just go with a whole new cast. Sure, if it’s well done it’d be great and rewarding to see more depth to Mr Vega- I did like the mini comic with him in. But if you’re not sure you can do it well, probably a better business decision to steer clear.

That Normandy badge bugs me though. GET MY SHIP OFF YOUR ANIME. The Normandy is Shepard’s ship and so much as mentioning Shepard’s name in other media is a very, VERY dodgy subject.
Also whilst I’m ranting- why is that guy wearing glasses? They can re-build Shepard after being clinically brain-dead, I think fixing short-sightedness is easy. People don’t wear glasses any more. Disposition towards eye problems are usually fixed in-utero, and eye degradation is presumably heal-able because, you know… Nobody in ME wears glasses. At all. Ever.

Okay seriously done ranting. I hope this isn’t an elaborate prank or I’ll look like an idiot. But, if it follows the (reasonable, I feel) rules above, and it’s considered to be good, I might check it out, despite not generally liking anime. If it’s ever released, anyway…