Top Five Animes That Need Video Games

Anime based games typically share the same fate as games based on movies and comic books. There are a couple of stand-outs, sure, but for the most part they wind up feeling rushed, shallow, and overall give off the impression that they were made as a cheap cash-in.

And that’s a shame, because there are a lot of anime out there that would be perfectly suited to make the crossover into the video game world, assuming of course that they had a talented developer and a proper budget. So let’s take a trip into dreamland and assume that anime games were worthy of AAA budgets and AAA game developers as I countdown my picks for 5 anime that need video games, or in some cases, ones that deserve better ones than they already have. Note that this list is in no particular order.

#5. Black Lagoon

Genre: Open World Shooter
Dream Developer: Rockstar Games
What It’s About:
Black Lagoon tells the story of a band of pirates/mercenaries known as the “Lagoon Company,” who take on jobs from various mobs, triads, yakuza, cartels, and other seedy organizations, all in the name of the only thing that matters in a world ruled by corruption and sin: money. Basically, it’s the anime version of a Hollywood action movie and I mean that in the best possible way.

At the core of the anime are the characters that make up the Lagoon Company. You’ve got “Rock,” the disgruntled Japanese business man who actually was kidnapped by the Lagoon Company, but later joins them after his employer tries to kill him instead of paying for his ransom; Dutch, a level headed former US Marine who went AWOL during the Vietnam War and has since taken up a life of crime; and then there’s Revy, a smoking hot loose cannon who has an affinity for dual pistols and shooting dudes in the face.

Why It Would Be Awesome:
Look, I know that it’s almost like a dream within a dream to even think that Rockstar would ever touch something like Black Lagoon, but let me have my fantasy. Black Lagoon done in the style of GTA5 would be amazing. You’ve already got your three main characters, each with their own specialties that the player could switch between to in order to pull off elaborate mission objectives, much in the same way that GTA5 handled the heist missions with Franklin, Trevor and Michael. In addition, the island of Roanapur would serve as a perfect setting for the game’s open world. A gorgeous tropical island that’s exterior beauty is only matched by the ugliness of the criminals living in it.

Black Lagoon is also perfect because there are already a variety of factions that the player would be able to take on missions from, and each of those factions are run by memorable characters such as Balalaika, Sister Yolanda, Mr. Chang, Garcia Lovelace, and Yukio Washimine.

#4. Trigun

Genre: Third Person Shooter
Dream Developer: Naughty Dog
What It’s About:

Trigun is about a man known to the world as Vash the Stampede. A man who, rumors say, can completely decimate a town of thousands in a blink of an eye, just on a whim. But in reality, Vash the Stampede is a pacifistic goofball who loves to eat doughnuts and uses his impeccable skill with guns to protect the innocent without taking lives. But Vash also has a dark past hidden behind his happy go lucky façade. And eventually, that past catches up to him.

Trigun is one of those interesting cases where a good portion of the main story in the universe has gone largely untold to those who only watched the anime. At a certain point, the anime and the manga split off into their own stories, and this game would be a great opportunity to delver further into the story found in the manga, Trigun Maximum.

Why It Would Be Awesome:
Naughty Dog has already proven that they are the masters of character driven third person shooters, and with Vash the Stampede, they would have one of the most iconic characters in all of anime to work with. The big challenge involving making a game about Trigun is the fact that Vash is like Batman in his devotion to not killing, and as such, things like headshots or even shots in the chest would go against Vash’s character. But I think this could make for some interesting gameplay twists, forcing the player to strategically place their shots to hit non-vital areas to incapacitate enemies rather than killing them.

The other big core aspect of any Trigun game needs to be making the player feel like the most skilled gunman that ever walked the face of the earth. Vash can shoot incoming bullets out of the air, ricochet his own shots to hit his targets with 100% accuracy, and dodge bullets even at point blank range. Obviously, this would have to be toned down to ensure that enemies would even stand a chance, but at the very least, players should be able to bounce shots off of different objects in the environment to hit enemies sitting behind cover, and the game’s level design would surely be built around that mechanic.

Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite gunslinging preacher man, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who almost certainly would be a playable character and would provide a much different style of play compared to the non-lethal methods of Vash.

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2 Comments on Top Five Animes That Need Video Games


On July 9, 2014 at 12:33 am

Hunter x hunter has many games already released for psone, ps2, psp, gameboy color and gameboy advanced. OK, none of them have been released outside Japan. Anyway the “need” in the title does not applied to this one.


On July 10, 2014 at 10:09 am

Gurren Lagann in the style of Gundam Assault Survive (psp import) would be fantastic, also epic boss battles.

Redline would be a fantastic racing game btw, especially if it was cell shaded.