Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?

E3 2013 saw some impressive reveals in the console department, but which of the three titans emerged the victor — Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?

Microsoft’s press conference launched an opening salvo of impressive exclusive games at Sony, but Sony’s press conference seemed to have a response for each of Microsoft’s inbound missiles. The PlayStation 4 has a cheaper price point, a better used game policy, and fewer of the restrictions that are earning Microsoft some ill will. The Witcher 3′s developers are disappointed by the Xbox One’s geographical limitations, while DayZ’s creator is unhappy with Microsoft’s indie-unfriendly practices.

Who do you think won E3? My vote goes to Sony, hands down.

Have at it.

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16 Comments on Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


On June 15, 2013 at 9:58 pm

My take.

Sony won: They presented great content with style and they landed meme-worthy burns on the XB1 that won’t fade anytime soon.

Microsoft lost: Instead of running damage control they managed to make their PR disaster even worse. I know dozens of gamers who have said that they’re going to switch to Sony next generation.

Nintendo managed to not lose: They didn’t come close to winning but they’re in a stronger position now then they were pre-e3. Now the question is was that because of Nintendo or because of Microsoft?


On June 15, 2013 at 10:11 pm

I don’t think this is even a question at this point, it’s obviously Sony. Nintendo basically just showed up, and wasn’t terribly impressive. They didn’t mess up, but there isn’t much to say there. MS pretty much confirmed all the fears people had after their announcement conference, and proceeded to act like anybody who disagreed could take a hike. Seriously, telling people who don’t like the always-on requirement to just stick with their 360 is the exact opposite of how you market your next console. Sony saw an opportunity to blast MS’s policies, and they used it effectively.

Microsoft’s showing was so spectacularly bad that the other two didn’t even need to try that hard.


On June 16, 2013 at 12:45 am

I’m going to say…..none of them.

I barely noticed Nintendo’s presence to be honest. I love Nintendo, and have been a fan of theirs all my life (that’s old enough to know when the NES was considered “new”), The Wii U has been so underwhelming that it would need something major in order for me to sit up and give it anymore attention.

Yes, Sony kicked Microsoft in the balls but that is the main reason the PS4 is making a killing in pre-orders. It’s not so much as the PS4 being legitimately better than the X1, it has to do more with Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot and Sony captiolizing on that. Which, don’t get me wrong, it’s a legitimate business move and it was a smart one by Sony. However once you set that aside, there is one thing they failed to do with their PS4 showing, and in my opinion it’s something Microsoft really failed as well.

There is one question that people SHOULD be asking, but they’re not. One question that is the end all be all of questions coming from E3 2013. One question to rule them all; Doctor……Who? Ok, seriously though, what can these consoles do, that the previous console’s couldn’t? With the PS3 Sony had the 6-axis. Granted it sucked and was an ultimate failure, but it was still something that could not be done on the PS2. Microsoft had a little game called NinetyNine Nights that was able to show off how it was possible to have up to 200 enemy sprites on screen without any graphical glitches, like that which was previously found in Dynasty Warriors games on the PS2/X0.

Basically here’s what it comes down to. In what way are the new games going to show us what can be done on the new console that couldn’t previously be done on the old consoles?

Yeah, the games will be better looking, new graphics and all that. But, that’s a given, its to be expected. It’s… car smell. For that matter, as I’ve been saying for the past few years, the gap in graphical ability between consoles is getting smaller. The whole thing is slowly starting to plateau. I was really hoping either MS or Sony would have come up with the beginnings of a new way we perceive, play and just experience games in a different way. They haven’t, it doesn’t really look like they are going to. So what we have here is new car smell in an upgraded model.

That is why I think noone “won” E3.


On June 16, 2013 at 1:28 am

I think calling anybody the winner here is an extremely generous statement. Yes, Sony is holding the best cards now, but that’s mostly because Microsoft threw its cards on the ground and then puked on them – while proudly proclaiming anyone who didn’t like their puky cards a dumbass. I mean seriously, let’s put this in perspective. The XBone isn’t a bad product, per se. It’s just a product that obviously isn’t aimed at gamers anymore. I’m not sure WHO exactly is the target consumer here, but I know it’s not ME. It’s just strange, because MS still claims it is and basically calls us poopyheads for disagreeing.

Sony has won, in the same way that you win a boxing match by not knocking yourself out. The thing is, they used their opportunity to perfection. They know their customers. The mock-video about game-sharing proves it. Right now they won the sympathy contest, simply by providing the most BASIC things we expect of them. This is actually pretty dangerous to standards in gaming in general. I still see a couple of problems with the PS4. There’s features I don’t like, changes I’m skeptical about, but at least Sony isn’t pissing on my carpet and calling it “interior design”.

And Nintendo? I won’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

Mario Mario and Luigi Mario

On June 16, 2013 at 2:34 am

Nobody really won so much as Microsoft absolutely lost. Sony didn’t need to do anything special to be seen as the superior choice, they just needed to make it clear that they wouldn’t treat their customer like pubic lice and would let them own and play the games they bought. Microsoft’s credibility in the console market has been destroyed by this, not only are they promoting an unpopular system with even less popular policies but the arrogance shown by some of their employees is breathtaking. CliffyB is obviously a liability, not only to Microsoft but to the industry in general with his “I’m the only voice” rhetoric, but the whole culture at that company of assuming the customer simply doesn’t understand the product and is too stupid and unsophisticated to grasp it is not acceptable in such a large company. For all his flaws this is a belief system that was NEVER propagated by Bill Gates, who must feel sick at what has happened to his company in the last few years and must wish he never stepped down as chairman.

I for one am growing increasingly tired of being condescended, whether it’s by the mainstream outlets or fanboys or game developers themselves, just because I actually take the time to scrutinise and analyse what I buy, both before I make that decision and after I’ve made it to see if it meets what was promoted. In the last few years alone it’s happened with Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 3 and BioWare in generally, Black Ops Declassified, the Nuketown DLC, Windows 8 and now Xbox One. I’m sure there have been other examples on top of that. At some point, the industry stopped giving a damn what its own customers thought. Maybe it’s because the terms ‘artistic integrity’ and ‘entitlement’ have been tossed around to the point of parody and has essentially given lazy/dishonest publishers carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want as they’ll always have their more apologetic masses and the media to purr in their ears and throw mud at those who dare to find fault in their pwecious widdle gamethe. Or maybe fan obedience is to blame, or maybe the more critically minded consumers are not being vocal enough about what’s appropriate and what is not. Either way, it’s a trend that doesn’t look like changing any time soon, but thankfully Sony was wise enough to see how irritated gamers are becoming and were also bold enough to twist the knife in Microsoft and call them out for their bullmess.

I didn’t even noticed Nintendo’s presence so I’ll just assume it’s more of the same, fun games from the usual suspects on a decent but somewhat uninspired and technologically antiquated console. I’ll stick with SNES and Gamecube.

Mr Glassback

On June 16, 2013 at 9:24 am

Sony “won” but I agree with the general sense that nothing across any of the platforms was seriously impressive.
The thing that piqued my interest the most was the drivertar thing. For years i’ve been arguing that this is how games should take the next evolutionary step. To monitor how you or/and your friends play a game then react and adapt is something that would add to virtually all games (imagine companion AI’s actually not being a complete waste of space).
Also, alot of the most impressive games shown will be released on PC too, so i’m not yet convinced what my next gaming step should be. All I know is that MS inexplicably took themselves out of the running.

matthew s

On June 16, 2013 at 11:50 am

Well sony won, but it wasn’t like it was a hard fight. Microsoft could have just walked on stage and committed seppiku and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad as the actual ms conference went.

as for Nintendo well all they had to do was show up. which they did so they had a better showing than Microsoft. but they really need something amazing for the wii u


On June 16, 2013 at 11:53 am

I have always been a huge fan of both MS and Sony. That said I have no intention of buying the XBone.
I am going to buy a PS-Vita and a PS4. After that maybe upgrade my PC and I am done.


On June 16, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Sony won because there was no famous battles that took place in ancient japan, no enemy giant crabs with weakpoints to attack, there was no ridge racer.

Microsoft is going to own Gamescon though, just like they did in 2005.

Xbox 360 has exclusivity agreements, they already won over the Call of Duty community, they already won over the Battlefield console community with the fact that DLC will be available first.

Troll Slayer

On June 17, 2013 at 1:02 am

@lol: Once again, you show that you’re only interested in playing devil’s advocate. If you think Microsoft can ‘own’ anything after the way they’ve alienated their own customers then you’re delusional. As for ‘winning over the COD/Battlefield community’ – what pipe have you been smoking? Cliffy B made it clear that the ONLY people they’re interested in winning over is the casual market who only cares about COD/Battlefield etc. The problem is, in spite of your lie regarding exclusivity rights, COD/Battlefield will also be released on a console that’s $100 cheaper and allows you to play pre-owned games. No matter how casual a gamer is, the decision is already made on those simple facts alone.

And exactly what point were you making with the ‘no giant crabs’ thing? Seriously, you need to try much harder if you’re going to troll effectively on here. It’s just boring now.


On June 17, 2013 at 4:52 am

And the winner is……your ISP of choice as the next generation chooses to suckle at the teet of the MMO cash-cow (even though she is getting a bit dry these days).

Destiny, that Ubisoft/Tom Clancy RPG thing, Titanfall, as well as the usual suspects of CoD and Battlefield. Add to those, Watchdogs introduction of tablet interaction and EA’s usual routine of neglecting the single player in favour of improving the online aspect of their sports games, and you have a very “sociable” next generation.

The only games that I was interested in, already had my interest going in to the show and Witcher 3 and Stick of Truth didn’t even have much to show anyway (at least not to the public).

If I had to give the prize to a publisher then I choose Mario; sorry, I meant Nintendo. They may have showed the same old sh*t as every year, but at least it’s a sh*t I can take with the bathroom door locked.


On June 17, 2013 at 6:55 am

@ Troll Slayer – To be fair, lol is actually making a lot of sense there. Sure, I dont buy the “Microsoft will own at gamescon” because thats what people were saying two weeks ago about them and E3. However, aside from that, I think there is a lot of truth in what he said. I would not be surprised in the least if MIcrosoft DID win over the BF/CoD crowd with the timed exclusive content for these games.

Colin Coin

On June 17, 2013 at 9:36 am

@Axetwin – They may win a few over but the bottom line is a $100 price differential combined with all the other stuff that clearly makes PS4 the better option, such as DRM only applying to online and the noticeable number of exclusive titles that look much better than what Microsoft is promising. I don’t care how big a fan you are of COD or Battlefield, you don’t pay $100 for a more limited console just so you can then pay even more money for DLC that will then be released on the cheaper/better console a few months down the road. Microsoft’s entire philosophy depends on the insulting idea that all of its customers are that stupid and impatient that they’ll plop down more of their hard-earned cash than they need to just so they can spunk even more of it on something that’s only ‘exclusive’ for a short period of time.

No matter which way you spin it, Microsoft’s policies are desperate and contemptuous, and the overwhelming majority of gamers will be able to see through this weak system.


On June 17, 2013 at 10:46 am

Sony definitely won E3 hands down.


On June 17, 2013 at 12:45 pm

@ Colin Coin – Normally I would agree with you. However over the past week, I have have seen a disturbingly large number of people say one of the following two statements.

1. These policies don’t affect me, I live in 2013. If they bother you, then you need to stop living in the past. I don’t see why I shouldn’t buy one and I don’t see why noone else is buying one either.


2. As much as I hate everything this console stands for. I’m still buying this because I need to play Dead Rising 3 and/or Halo. I would hate myself, but I’ll be too busy playing games that can’t be played anywhere else.

You know why Microsoft is doing this? Because they know they CAN and WILL get away with it. You know why there are still so many games with Day 1 DLC? Because it sells. You know why there are so many games that offer exclusive pre-order bonuses? Because it does sell games. Even though there are those of us to know better, we are out numbered 5:1 by those that buy these thing without thinking. When you offer a group of gamers something that will make them feel superior over another group of gamers, you bet your glass they’ll buy it, ESPECIALLY if its catered to the “hardcore” FPS crowd.

If these gamers are willing to pay 200 bucks for a limited edition of a game they plan to ever only play online. Then why would an extra 100 bucks for a console that requires the internet to function bother them? These are the people Microsoft are counting on buying their console. Not the informed consumer that knows better. Why does MS seem to think these people wont question anything? Just look at the games they play. Look at Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo. Those games have seen little to no real innovation in the past 6 years and yet every yearly new release (not so much Halo 4 tbh) sees more sales than the year before.

I highly doubt the X1 will sell anywhere near as well at the 360. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles the amount of units the PS3 sold in its first year. It’s not great, but still good enough to give MS the validation they need in order to move foward without needing to backtrack very much.

It’s funny, in the past the idea of a console war was just a cute term to describe whether you supported Sonic or Mario. Master Chief or Kratos. The war games are over boys and girls, now we’re about to see what a REAL console war looks like. It won’t be about who makes the best game, it’ll be about a group of companies lead by Microsoft and their quest to encroach upon your freedoms as a gamer, in the name of the all mighty dollar. The amount of gamer support they have is sickening and quite frankly, a bit terrifying. Make no mistake, they are out there, and their numbers are larger than you think. Things are going to get ugly and they are going to get brutal.

Colin Coin

On June 18, 2013 at 7:10 am

@Axetwin – there will always be apologists. That much was obvious after the Mass Effect 3 scandal, which was quite clearly an issue of false advertising and consumer betrayal but was either ignored or warped by those who sought to uphold the delusion that BioWare was on their side. Problem was, no matter how hard they and BioWare themselves have tried to state otherwise, every poll taken on the matter – including those on BSN – have shown that it’s a clear and undeniable majority that hated the ending upon release and is still a slight majority that still isn’t satisfied. These numbers don’t matter to EA or BioWare right now because they still bought the game, and success for them is only measured in sales. However, the knock-on effect will be that many tens upon hundreds of thousands of fans will at the very least think twice before buying any more of their products in the future. Even if they only lose 5-10% of their business we’re talking millions of dollars frittered away for no good reason, and I would assume it will be a much higher percentage than that. However, this will only result in lost sales for EA and BioWare, not necessarily an increase in sales of other games because they’re totally different IPs. Losing faith in one game doesn’t automatically mean everyone will buy a different one. There wasn’t a ‘Pro Evolution Spacewars’ for people to turn to – it was ME or bust if you wanted a high-end action RPG sci-fi shooter on a home console.

In the case of Xbox One however, not only are they marketing a console that nobody but the most blinkered of MS fanscum are interested in buying, BUT there’s the added factor of the PS4 lurking in the background as an alternative at a lower price point with most of the same games and better customer rights. In fact, PS3 is there ready and waiting as well. Therefore, Microsoft aren’t just going to be measured on how many sales they lose – and I agree they’ll, sadly, still make enough that Cliffy B will justify to himself the continued insanity of his stupid beliefs – but also in how many of those potential customers decide to instead pick up a PS4 or even a PS3 or Wii U. And trust me, for all the comments you mentioned that hand-wave the concerns, I’ve seen many others that have said “I love 360, but there’s no way I’m buying Xbox One. I’ll either buy a PS4 or not bother with the next generation.” Whereas I haven’t seen a SINGLE COMMENT from a PS3 owner saying they’ll switch to Xbox One, regardless of how big a fan of COD or Battlefield they happen to be. It’s therefore pretty evident that more than just alienating casual customers, Microsoft is doing a much weaker job of retaining its customers with their new launch than Sony is, and considering 360′s total worldwide unit sales are only between 200,000 and 7,000,000 higher than PS3′s (depending on which source you look at) despite a headstart of over a year, the swing in sales for the next set of consoles could be absolutely brutal.

Result? Xbox One STILL loses by a staggering margin unless they either change something drastically or Sony messes up even worse in the next couple of months. And no matter how big a company is and how obsessed with profit it may be, when you lose the amount of repeat revenue that Microsoft looks likely to with Xbox One, you CAN’T ignore it. Especially when it’s a company as big as Microsoft.