Friday Flame Wars: WoW Movie Happening, How Can This Be Good?

The World of Warcraft movie, which has been in development hell for over seven years, may actually be happening. Yesterday, producer Charles Roven told /Film that the movie — simply titled Warcraft — is currently planned to shoot in early 2014.

“We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan,” said Roven.

Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) was announced as director in late January of 2013, and it’s been known that Legendary Pictures is partnering with Blizzard on this title since its first announcement.

Even if this movie does somehow end up being made, the question remains — how good will it be? I’ve always loved Blizzard’s cinematics, and I’ve been a fan of Legendary ever since 300, but I’m nonetheless skeptical.

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8 Comments on Friday Flame Wars: WoW Movie Happening, How Can This Be Good?


On June 1, 2013 at 1:43 pm

If there was ever a joining that COULD produce a viable video game movie embryo, this is probably it. This or whatever studio did the cinematics for Spartan Ops.
I still don’t think it’ll happen. Despite the legions of slavering fanboys, I don’t think there’s a market thick enough to support the weight of a Legendary release.


On June 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm

since the title is simply Warcraft, could they just make it based on games 1-3 instead of WOW?


On June 1, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Was there a Legendary film that sucked? I can’t remember any, honestly.


On June 1, 2013 at 3:34 pm

10,000 BC, sucker punch were meh. Neither really had a great story and it was more about special effects.


On June 2, 2013 at 12:04 am

In my opinion, i think the franchise is wasted on a movie. I think a TV should have been better. Especially if it had been picked up by a network like Showtime. Its a premium channel plus they would also have a show that could directly compete with A Game of Thrones.

However in regards to the movie, I agree with Mike. There was a story before WoW came along, so just because its a Warcraft movie, doesn’t automatically make it World of Warcraft: The Movie. I think the first movie could be good as long as they don’t try to do too much too quickly. The first movie should stick to the original story, which was the conflict between Humans and Orcs.

You use the first movie to build upon, then you use the second movie to build with. The second movie would be the contrasting parallels between Thrall who is trying to bring honor back to the Orc name and Prince Arthas the Paladin who loses his honor before finding and taking in the power of the Lich King. This movie would introduce us to the Dwarves and the Tauren, as well as tease us with Elves, as we all know about Sylvanas.

The third movie would be a direct continuation of the second. Arthas carving a path of destruction across the land. We’ll have our proper introduction to the Night Elves, in addition to the Blood Elves. The Night Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs must put aside all of their differences so they can come together and defeat Arthas and Sylvanas and their army of Death Knights and undead. An epic battle ensues and when it is all over, Arthas has been defeated, the Humans and Orcs stand together under a banner of peace. However, the battle has awakened something……something evil….and it’s hungry.

The fourth movie has an aging Thrall losing his control over the Orc clans as they grow bored with their alliance with the Humans. They want more land and they are tired of trying to acquire it through diplomacy. They would rather take it with force. As if something out there has heard them, Deathwing appears and begins his reign of terror. Several Orc clans decide to follow him leaving Thrall in a difficult position with the Humans. They set aside their problems for the moment to battle Deathwing. Deathwing is defeated but vows to return. Thrall is traveling back to his lands when he receives word, the Humans have declared open warfare against the Orcs. The peace treaty is no more.

So there you have it, four movies before you really even get into the meat of the WoW storylines. Obviously very basic in terms of storytelling, A lot of blanks need to be filled here and there, but its a starting place. Start basic, and as you build you never let it get over complicated as you introduce new elements. That in my opinion will be key if this movie has any hope of being successful.


On June 2, 2013 at 3:06 am

lol. You can cry as much as you like but you all know you’ll be paying your $20 to see it like everyone else just so you can whine again because Shia Lebouf didn’t wave his balls in your faces. Expect the film to make at LEAST a $300m domestic profit then you’ll have to go back to moaning about Origin and Shepard not getting a blowjob at the end of ME3.


On June 2, 2013 at 8:11 am

Leave it to lol to pick his idol to create the worst ending to a bad statement. Think he’s got a woody for Wrex. He just can’t get over his hump though.