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From the Roof of the World to the Foundations of Stone: Gaming Today Explores LotRO: Mines of Moria Book 8

caerlug1Turbine is gearing up for the debut of Book 8: Scourge of Khazád-dum for Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria. I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Adam Mersky and Aaron “Rowan” Campbell on an expedition into the heights and depths of Moria. They revealed the horrors and wonders that await players in this latest edition to the LotRO epic storyline.

lotrobk8_1At Zirakzigil, the roof of the world, players can join together for a three man instance leading into the Mirror Halls of Lumal-nar. There, you’ll face death from above and below. Strike down the creatures you’ll face here and elsewhere in Book 8 before they’re able to summon a swarm of minions.

The work devoted to the architecture of the Hall of Mirrors which supplies reflected light for Moria and the waterworks is amazing. As you make your way through the Mirror Halls into the Water Wheels of Nala-dum you’ll find yourself in a three dimensional puzzle. Carefully work your way through keeping a sharp eye out for gears and levers that activate the water wheels and complete your path.

The labyrinthine network of Water Wheels that were used to feed and power Moria in it’s glory days are now filled with strange creatures, mushrooms and plants that that you’ll recall later in deeds. You’ll need to find your way through and be aware of your surroundings to defeat the foe that awaits you in the piston room, Caerlug. Players will be returning to this area later to recover artifacts for the epic quest line.

lotrobk8_ghash-haiThe Flaming Deeps is focused around weapons crafting lore and the Great Forge. Here you’ll encounter a challenge for a full fellowship. Swarms of goblins of the Ghash-Hai aim to stop you dead in your tracks. When I imagine what a goblin should look like, these ugly brutes are it. Yes, they do have their own cave trolls. You’ll have to solve more puzzles and reactivate the bellows before you can confront the boss. His minions give him strength so make sure to separate them from their master.

The pinnacle of the new content is a new twelve man raid. In the Foundations of Stone, Dar Narbugud, adventurous souls will have to face five bosses before confronting their mistress. Zholuga, the Troll twins, The Nameless, and The Blind One will present players with a variety of challenges. As you battle these guardians you’ll face hordes of goblins, the impressive world eaters and creatures that remind me of twisted versions of the creepy imagery of Pan’s Labyrinth. Vary your strategy to win through to confront The Mistress of Pestilence.



As we traveled Moria from top to bottom Adam filled us in on plans for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited. Stay tuned for the latest on the future of DDO and the method behind the madness of going free to play.

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