FTC Complainant Happy With Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

The Mass Effect 3 ending uproar triggered a lot of things in a lot of people. Some were so upset that they took to the Internet to complain. Others started a protest fundraiser for charity to channel negative emotions into a positive outcome, and still others made a lot of cool, creative stuff to fill the void and express themselves.

One man took his complaints to the U.S. government. But after filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over what he considered false advertising related to the ending of the Mass Effect series, Spike Murphy says that BioWare’s Extended Cut DLC has completed the endings and fixed the issues he originally had with them.

Speaking with Shacknews, Murphy said the endings as shipped were unfinished, but that with the new DLC they are now “complete.”

“I liked the new endings,” Murphy said. “Many plot holes were filled in, and a lot of the sequences seem so organic and natural to the story that it seems shocking they didn’t include them in the first place. Most importantly, there’s a real epilogue now, one which gives context and consequence not just to our final choice, but to all the choices we had made to get there. The ending feels complete, whereas before it seemed rushed, unfinished, and frankly like they didn’t know what to do.”

Murphy still says he has some issues with the endings, much along the lines of what we identified in our review of the Extended Cut DLC and in our analysis, “Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Putting Lipstick on a Frog?” For the most part, however, Murphy says that his faith in BioWare has been restored — and if there are future Mass Effect games, he won’t dismiss them out of hand.

“I feel that there is a much greater amount of trust and faith asked of gamers as opposed to other art mediums because of the large investment of time and energy necessary in playing through a game and thereby appreciating the art,” he said. “Because of that, a betrayal of that trust between artist (the designers) and their audience like we found with the original ending of ME3 is far greater than, say, having a bad ending on an otherwise good movie. As it stands, I’d be open to another Mass Effect game.”

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4 Comments on FTC Complainant Happy With Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut


On July 4, 2012 at 10:54 am



On July 4, 2012 at 1:47 pm

What a massive crock. I bet Bioware shove some money up the ass, frightened by the FTC complaint, just so that he miraculously likes Bioware again after the shoddy Extended Cut, which is nothing but a polished turd.


On July 4, 2012 at 3:27 pm

One satisfied customer down, several hundred thousand to go.

Hmm, why did he waste the governments time if he can not even stand by his own convictions. The original ending was rotten, had many plot holes, the new one is just as rotten, but now has a sprinkle of sugar on to make it go down easier. Murphy is obviously just an attention whore, not news worthy.

And in regards to the whole ending, way to shoot yourself in the foot Bioware!


On July 5, 2012 at 10:00 am

Guys, there’s a huge difference between ‘satisfied’ and ‘happy’. You can be satisfied with the fact that these endings have at least been contextualised and had plot holes closed, without actually being happy with the ending itself as a work of literature. I’m personally satisfied and see the extended cut as a victory for the consumer, but I still accept there’s a ton of issues with the ending and Bioware should have been able to come up with something better to begin with. They, and EA, can’t be immediately forgiven for screwing the fans with the original release, but it is at least something. You can continue to enjoy their products while at the same time remaining very, very vigilant about the possibility of future disappointments and bait-and-switch tactics.