FTL: Advanced Edition Video Walkthrough [w/ James!]

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What most men do on Easy, James does on Hard. Our intrepid star captain takes on FTL: Advanced Edition with the new Hard difficulty option. Death is common in the void of space, so sit down and enjoy the carnage.

The free Advanced Edition update to FTL brings new races, new weapons, and a load of new systems to play with on your trip to stop the rebel’s unstoppable super-ship. Just getting to the end is hard enough, but the Advanced Edition’s new hacking module, mind control, cloning chambers, and additional weapons tips the scales slightly in your favor. That is, when the new tools of the trade aren’t used against your frail crew.

See what new features FTL has to offer on GameFront’s Advanced Edition preview, or experience the space adventure with James right here.

Unlike over randomly generated adventures, FTL puts you in the captain’s chair with a board-game layout. You can open doors, position crew members, and allocate power to different systems on the fly while charging weapons and defending against hostile invaders. Each game challenges you to survive a deadly trip across the known galaxy, earning scrap and upgrading your ship.

As crew men and women fight, they’ll gain experience that provides added bonuses to their specialized systems. By the end, you’ll be raising shields, firing missiles, launching drones, and teleporting robots onto enemy ships in a complex chess game. When the road is this fun, failure is its own kind of reward.

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