Posted on August 13, 2007,

Funcom Confesses Conan Isn't Fun

King ConanIt takes a pretty big man to stand up to Conan. It takes an even bigger man (or woman) to admit your game is a mess.

In case you missed it earlier, Funcom announced the highly anticipated MMO, Age Of Conan, was delayed well into 2008. This is why all games should have betas. In all honesty, all games should go through alpha, beta, delta, gamma, & epsilon phases. But, I digress…

“Today is a definition of mixed feelings for me, and many in the Conan team. We hate being late. We hate not delivering on what we have promised. We hate letting you guys and girls down. We all want to hide somewhere dark and be ashamed of ourselves. And naturally, here is a good time to profoundly apologize to you, our loyal and patient community. We are sorry for another delay, we truly are, but hopefully this WILL turn into something better for all of us.

As you have seen over the last period, and as we have stated again and again, our clear intension was to launch in October. But what happens when you learn that the game you have needs more development time? Do you continue to force through towards a release, like we did with Anarchy Online? This time we did the right thing. I am proud by the fact that we work in a company that knows what the game truly needs, and are willing to follow and support the best interest of the game.”

Troubled brow, indeed…

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8 Comments on Funcom Confesses Conan Isn't Fun


On August 14, 2007 at 12:31 am

glad to hear they dont want to release a half finished unplayable game *cough* vanguard *cough*


On August 14, 2007 at 12:51 am

amen to that thor


On August 14, 2007 at 7:39 am

Man…even Conan isn’t having any fun in his own game. He actually looks pretty upset about it.

There there Conan… just rip off someone’s limbs off.. that’ll make you feel better.


On August 14, 2007 at 11:17 am

Do I detect a bit of Halo fanboy-ism, Steve?


On August 14, 2007 at 11:19 am

Title of this story is more than a bit misleading…


On August 14, 2007 at 12:15 pm

Agreed, no where did I see that they said there game was not entertaining, they just said it wasn’t completed and that they are happy with their decision to delay it.


On August 14, 2007 at 3:48 pm

The epsilon thing? Hah, didn’t cross my mind until now. Yeah, that’s a rather weak link though. To be honest I think the Halo franchise is one of the most overrated pieces of trite. I think Halo had its day back in the day. Halo 3 looks to be living off fumes. If Halo set the bar, that bar got passed a long time ago, and Halo itself hasn’t budged an inch since.


On August 14, 2007 at 3:58 pm

I will confess that the title is a bit misleading. However, they didn’t admit it was fun either. I guess fun is relative anyway.

Benefit of the doubt next time…