Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base

    1. After the chopper crashes, quickly take cover behind the guardrail and blindfire on the Transformer-esque enemy. After the “Enforcer” jumps over your head, it will go to a cutscene.
    2. While talking with Burgess, you can pick up some Fuse credits in the corner of the room next to the grey suitcase. Round up with your team and help them lift the door. Head forward down the steps and take cover behind the carts. Cut through the opening on the right and use the computer on the far right to hack the turrets.
    3. Head around with your team and pick up the credits to the left before heading through the door. Head down the steps on the left to pick up the Xenotech (XP points), then head into the decontamination chamber and hack the keypad.
    4. Head through the door and take cover up ahead. After those two dudes get absolutely destroyed, hop over the cover and head into the room with the crazy gun. Pick up the XP on the floor to the left before following your team through the door down the hallway on the right.
    5. Follow your team around the “laser,” pick up the credits on the cart, then hack the computer. After you blow a hole through the wall, vault over the countertop, head through the doors and follow the path through the wreckage. Turn right down the hallway and watch as another poor guy gets obliterated.
    6. Hop through the large window on the left. Pick up the XP behind the laser, turn right and pick up the credits in the opposite room, then turn around again and go through the doors in the hallway. Get up the stairs and open the large doors for a cutscene.
    7. ACHIEVEMENT: During this cutscene, you’ll recover your Xenotech Weapons! Test out the Magshield on the range to the right (there will be ammo on the desk behind you if you need it). Pick up some more ammo if you desire in the back of the room before hacking the keypad next to the door where your team is waiting.
    8. ACHIEVEMENT: Whip out that Magshield and blow those Seekers away with one shot to earn an achievement. Take out the few that will crawl along the walls and ceiling before advancing through the next door.
    9. Use the Magshield as a forcefield to protect you as you advance. They will temporarily overheat and when they do, hack the computer on the left before heading through the next door.
    10. After talking to the guy in the suit, go right after he opens the door for you. You’ll find credits in the room on the left and XP in the one on the right down the hallway. Head through the next door, then follow your team down the hallway to the left for another large door to open and a cutscene.
    11. Kill the four Raven members. Hack the keypad to the left and go through the door. Take cover and go to down on the large group of Raven! (The Magshield works wonders here.) After you advance, you’ll have to deal with several choppers and a bunch of Raven to the right.
    12. Use a grenade on the Raven, then focus on the primary chopper firing toward you by using your rifle on it. After you destroy it, the other two will fly away. Move onto the platform to pick up the XP, then turn back around, head up the steps and go down the hallway and through the door.
    13. Pick up the XP in the room to the left, then interact with the cracks in the wall at the dead end of the hallway on the left to perform a wall breach. Switch up weapons here if you want, then hack the keypad and go through the door.
    14. Take cover under the large window. You’ll have to clear this area out, but you’ll catch ‘em by surprise. Take out ones on the ground first, then get the Raven up on the catwalk and up on the raised area to the left.
    15. Head through and follow your team through the next door up ahead. Plenty of ammo in here as well as a rack of snipers on the left for you to choose from (you’ll want one for the next part). Hack the keypad and proceed forward.
    16. Take cover behind the guardrail and quickly snipe the unsuspecting Raven in the room across from you. Pull out the Magshield when the Seekers come across, then go back to sniping fools to clear the room and safely cross the bridge.
    17. Following a quick cutscene, take cover and use your sniper to take out the snipers up on the catwalk and the large orange platforms. With them dead…holy crap…it’s a Leadfire! Wait for him to go after one of your teammates, then aim for the fuel tank on his back.
    18. After you destroy him, you can pick up his Incinerator! Pick up any additional ammo, head for the doors where your teammates are waiting and burn the hell out the of the Raven that come through. Next, enter the elevator.
    19. Grab the fuse cell from the chamber in the corner to the right after you exit, then cross the bridge and place it in this chamber to restore power to the vaults. Pick your weapon back up and head through the door that opens across from you.
    20. Stealthily head into the next room and perform a stealth kill on the unsuspecting Raven member. Get the XP on top of the group of cell containers, then follow your team under the partially opened door. Climb up the ladder on the left and use the zip line at the top.
    21. Head under the partially opened door and take cover. You can perform a cool stealth attack on the Raven member from behind this cover (and one your teammates will do the same on the other side). Advance to the crates up ahead and take cover. Wait for the patrolling guard to get close and perform another stealth attack.
    22. Move up to the next line of crates. Wait for the one guy walking through the door to pass by, then take out the stationary guard. Kill the last Raven member before heading straight for the door. Turn right and pry open the doors at the end of the hallway.
    23. Head down the hallway and into the next room. Head up the ladders on both sides and take out the two snipers. Pick up the sniper, then use it to take out the snipers across the way. These guys have jetpacks, so they’ll move around a bit.
    24. Finish helping your team clear out the bottom area, then hop down, grab the fuse cell and head down the path. As you turn right, take cover, drop the cell and kill the attacking Raven. With the coast clear, pick the cell back up and go place it in the chamber.
    25. Get the credits on the other side of the column, then take cover behind the railing with your team and take out the next wave of Raven. Get across the bridge and into the elevator. Once you stop, quickly sprint out toward cover and clear this area of Raven. This part will be tricky, so rely on your cover and use grenades to assist you.
    26. Follow your team through the next door. Quickly take cover and eliminate the Raven up on the catwalk. Push forward to the next row of cover and take out the group at ground level before heading up the stairs.
    27. Hack the keypad next to the door, then grab the fuse cell inside. Walk it over to the wall, drop it, pick up a sniper if you don’t have one and use it to take out the reinforcements down below. Once you kill all the Raven in the room and down the hallway, go back to pick up the cell and head down the hallway.
    28. Drop the cell again, find cover and eliminate all Raven in this area. Eventually a chopper will show up on the outside of the glass windows to the right. Don’t try to take it down; just go back to get the cell and place it in the chamber.
    29. Head let through the door that opens after talking with Burgess. Pick up the credits in the back of the next room, then pry open the door where your teammates are. Sprint to cover as soon as you get the doors open and take out the enemies coming toward you on the lift. Head onto it when it reaches your side and hack the controls.
    30. Take cover behind the railing when stalls and blindfire the enemies across from you. Eventually, you’ll have to take a peek and stand up to get a better aim, but be quick about it because you’ll be out in the open.
    31. With that section clear, the lift will then take you to another area with enemies waiting. Once you kill them, another robot-type thing will appear. After you fire a few rounds at him, he’ll shoot the cable on your lift.
    32. Pull yourself up onto the ledge, then jump up the series of ledges on the wall. Once you get to the ledge just above “HYP24,” move all the way over to the left so you don’t jump up and accidentally grab the electrical cables.
    33. Once you get to the top, get the credits in the back by the forklift, then head up the stairs and into the elevator. Exit and proceed down the hallway, following the short cutscene, you will then be given the ability to choose between playing as different characters (the main purpose this serves is that it gives you the ability to use different weapons).
    34. Wait for the patrolling guard to come toward you. When he turns his back, take him out with a stealth kill. Next, take out the guy working on the keypad. Take out Raven that come through the door, then head down the pathway. Perform a melee attack on the box to the left in front of the fire, then remove the vent and head inside. Pick up the XP in the alcove on the left before exiting through the vent on the other side.
    35. Turn left and lift the door with the help of you teammates. Turn right, head down the steps and quickly go left and take cover. You won’t be able to sneak up on the guys in the center area, so quickly take the two out from where you are. You’ll then have to take out the big red dude by going for the fuel tank on his back.
    36. You’ll then have to wipe out a few reinforcements. Continue forward through the next door. When you reach the fire blocking the hallway, shoot the fire extinguishers on either side to clear out some of the flames. Proceed and then jump up the wall to the left (to the left of door 235) to get up on the ceiling.
    37. Drop down on the other side. Grab the credits to the right, then take cover and take out the attacking Raven. Follow your team down the stairs. Shoot the two fire extinguishers in front of the flames, then grab the wheel and turn it to extinguish the flames above you.
    38. Head up the stairs and grab the XP an ammo in this room before performing a wall breach. Head through and then under the door. Take cover and clear this room out (watch out for snipers up high). When the Seekers are released, switch to Dalton to use the Magshield to take them out.
    39. Proceed forward and head up the stairs in the back left corner of the room. Cross the catwalk and head down the stairs on the other side and through the door with your team. Outfit each member of the team with whatever weapons you want, then get to the elevator.
    40. Exit when it stops and head up one of the ladders and down the zip line for a cutscene. You’ll then have to fight off a ton of Raven to prevent them from stealing the nucleus. Following another short cutscene, you’ll have some Seekers to take care of them.
    41. Robot boss time! This guy is most susceptible to damage in the face and back. He’ll simply fire machine gun rounds when he stomps around, but when you see him jump up onto a ledge, that’s when you need to find cover because that’s when he’ll fire off some heat-seeking missiles. He’ll also occasionally leap across the room toward you, so be quick to perform a roll/dash maneuver to avoid getting hit.
    42. ACHIEVEMENT: Defeat Mr. robot guy to earn the Missing Persons achievement and complete the level.

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.