Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost

    1. Proceed forward with your team (get the XP from the first jail cell on the right). After you find out the door is locked, turn around and open the vent in the ground. Follow the path around and climb up through the open vent when you reach it.
    2. Turn right and follow your team up the ladder (hop over the cell casings for some credits). Pry open the door and head down the pathway. Head up the ladder at the end. Turn right, at the end of the path, crouch behind the cover and perform a stealth kill on the unsuspecting guard.
    3. Climb down the ladder. Perform stealth kills on the two guards, then take out the third guard patrolling the area. Pick up a nearby weapon and head downstairs. Stealth kill the nearby guard, then fire on the Raven doing repairs (leave the guys in yellow suits alone). Take out the rest of the attacking Raven before heading up the stairs (credits under the catwalk before the stairs on the right side).
    4. Take out all enemies on the second level, then open the vent to get to the next room. Hop over the railing, then follow your team across the series of ledges to get down to the other side. Follow the path around and drop through the break in the ceiling to get into the bathroom.
    5. ACHIEVEMENT: Perform a stealth kill taking a leak to earn the awesome Bro Code Violation achievement. Turn right and dash for cover under the window. Perform a stealth kill on the closest soldier through the window, then creep around the corner to the left, stealth kill him, and then finally eliminate the guy working on the computer in the room for a cutscene.
    6. Follow your team out into the hallway. If you’re Izzy, take out the turret using that sweet gun to freeze it, then quickly hack the keypad to deactivate it and open the door. Cross the bridge, quickly shoot and kill the two soldiers, then take cover and kill the Raven across the way on the left.
    7. Drop down and head up the stairs to flank them. Then, switch to Jacob to use the crossbow to easily kill the snipers up on the catwalk on the other side. With the room clear, round up with your team at the door and hack the keypad.
    8. Ton of Raven soldiers here. Quickly move around to the right, head up the ladder, take cover behind the nearby box and blindfire (as well as use a few grenades) on the guys coming through the doorway. Next, quickly take out the enemies manning the gunners, then hop on one yourself and use it to take out enemies across the way.
    9. With the room clear, climb the ladder and lift the door. Hack the computer for a cutscene. After homeboy injects himself with Fuse, help your teammates open the side door.
    10. You’ll then have to fight off another robot enemy. Like most of the others, aim for his back when he is distracted by one or more of your teammates. After you defeat him, pick up his Behemoth and unload on the Raven down the hallway. Step back and switch guns to kill the Seekers that will then come at you.
    11. Head down the hallway (get the credits along the right wall) and turn right through the door. Use the guardrail as cover and then unload on all of the fools down below. When another robot shows up, drop down, find cover and wait for one of your teammates to distract him, then destroy the fuel tank on his back.
    12. You’ll then have to fight off another wave of Raven up on the catwalk as well as another on ground level. With the area clear, follow your team onto the high-tech train. Cross the tracks after you come to a stop, then head up the stairs for a quick cutscene.
    13. Follow your teammates down the stairs on the left and take cover. Kill the nearby soldier cleaning the casing, then unload on the rest of the Raven in this room. Eventually, some Riot Troops will arrive. Use grenades on these guys to take them out. Izzy’s Shattergun also works great.
    14. With the area clear, head up the steps, go around to the right and release the valve. Take cover behind the guardrail and kill the Raven up on the bridge. You’ll then have to take out another wave of the Riot Troops down below.
    15. After you take cover of them, hop up the ledge on the other side and release the other valve. Pick up the ammo to the left, then regroup with your teammates to cut a hole in the circular area on the floor.
    16. Move forward through the fan blades. After you turn left, take out the Seekers that will be coming at you, then cut another whole in the next circular area when you reach it.
    17. Take cover behind the white tarp. Move up to the railing, then it’s time to unload on fools. Use different characters here to prevent you from having to move around and thus exposing you. Once the first wave is dead, advance up the stairs and take out the next wave, which will be predominantly Riot Troops (Shattergun time!).
    18. Head up the next set of stairs and kill the Seekers as you cross the bridge. Use the keypad to enter the fuse reactor. Vault over the guardrail and move around the left until you get to the broken window. Hop through and pull the lever to complete the override. Meet back up with your team and open the door.
    19. Switch to Jacob as you take cover and use the crossbow to take out the snipers up on the catwalk as well as a handful of enemies down below. Next, destroy the fuse canisters the lift (they’ll be behind boxes) to clear room to use the zip line.
    20. Following a trippy cutscene/memory, use the keypad on the door to call the elevator. You’ll then have a ton of Raven to fight off. Again, it’s convenient to rotate through characters here since there will be enemies coming from multiple angles.
    21. Eventually, you’ll be asked to reset the breakers, which can be done by pulling on the lever on the control board over to the right. When you get word that the elevator has finally arrived, turn around and head through the door.
    22. Exit the elevator and kill the attacking Raven across from you. Proceed forward. There’s some XP and a weapons rack in the room on the right. After discussing the plan, hack the keypad to the left of the door where your team is waiting.
    23. Head through the door on the side to enter the control room and pull on the lever to open the two doors. Head through the closest doorway for a short cutscene. Invisible enemies! Look/aim for the white outline of their cloaked bodies and take them out as they charge toward you and your team.
    24. Head through the door into the next room (before heading through the next door into the next room, walk up the steps to the right and you’ll find some XP/credits in the compartments to the right). Take cover behind one of the operation tables and kill the attacking Raven that come down from the catwalk.
    25. Head into the detox room with your team. After you enter the next room and the glass casing opens up, drop off and grab the ledge, then drop down to the closest red handle. Continue to drop down from red handle to red handle and make your way around until you reach the bottom (don’t drop into the gold plasma stuff!).
    26. You’ll then need to destroy the three orange cells around the outside of the center structure before the laser touches down on you. After your team declares the area secure, pry open the double doors to get to the next room. Turn right, hop up and over the guardrail and hack the controls to obtain fuse research.
    27. Ivan will then show up and after he injects himself with fuse, you’ll be transported (or is it an illusion?) to this trippy scene. Take cover, watch out for his laser beams and aim for the five glowing orbs in his chest.
    28. After you destroy the five orbs, you’ll come back to the lab. Aim for the two fuse cores and…here we are again back in this alternate universe. Once again, destroy the five orbs in his chest. He’ll created his own Raven soldiers to help him, but they won’t cause you too much harm. After you come to again, take out the clocked Raven, then destroy the other fuse cell.
    29. Back in the “green world” one final time, you’re probably a pro at this and it shouldn’t be too difficult. As soon as you are back in the lab again, fire a quick round off on Ivan to officially defeat him.
    30. Follow your team through the hallway back to the room with the laser. Look for the piece of metal hanging down in the center area and jump up it. Jump up the handles to get to the top, then head through the door and pry open the next door. Hop over the debris to get to the next door.
    31. Turn left and follow your team up the catwalk. Head around and enter through one of the vents on the left. Go left and up the steps. Hop the rail at the dead end and leap across to the platform. Climb up the bridge and enter through the doorway.
    32. Drop down and take cover to the right or left of the next door as you quickly kill the Raven in the next room. With it clear proceed forward and pick up the Behemoth. Once again, take cover to the right or left of the EVAC Bay door because there will be Raven waiting on the other side for you. Take them out, then enter in to the open door on the right to enter the pod and complete the mission.

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.