Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island

    1. Head forward into the cave (turn left at the dead end for some credits) and open the gate for a short cutscene. Perform two stealth kills on the two closest soldiers. Then move around to the left and whip out your weapon and take these two unsuspecting soldiers out.
    2. You’ll then have to fight off a huge wave of Raven soldiers. Watch out for the ones with the jet packs because they’ll fly right up to you. Once the entire area is clear, head up the stairs on the other side and lift up the door.
    3. Turn right, head through the doorway and hack the computer. Head for the door to take you outside. Turn left and hop on the zip line. Jump and climb up the fence. When you reach the rock ledge to the right, jump out to it and move across to the right.
    4. Continue to make your way up the side of the mountain. When you get under the chopper pad, move across to the left, then pull yourself up and open the chain-link gate. Head up the steps on the left and stealth kill the lone soldier through the window.
    5. Head through the doorway and quickly take cover to the right. Perform another stealth kill, then take out the rest of the Raven here and use your Xenotech to kill the one soldier with the fuse shield.
    6. After you advance, there will be a ton of soldiers repelling from choppers to the right. Find some cover and eliminate them. Keep moving forward and take out the few Raven that will come out through the temple entrance. Enter the temple (go right for some XP on the bench), then pry open the double doors.
    7. Head up the stairs on the right and enter into the elevator with your team. Exit the elevator and head left through the door. Quickly take cover and eliminate the attacking Raven, which will include a few of the cloaked guys. Clear the room, then head up into the control room on the right and pull the lever to open the door.
    8. Head through the door and take cover behind the guardrail. Take out all enemies down below, including the robot on the left (remember to aim for the tankā€”and it’s also smart to switch to whichever character has the best view of the tank as he moves around).
    9. With the room clear, plant the charge on the nearby fuse line. Take out the handful of Raven soldiers that show up down below, then follow your team through the door. Meet up at the rally point, then perform a wall breach where the cracks are in the wall.
    10. Jump up the yellow ledges to get to the top. Perform a stealth kill on the nearby soldier, then quickly take out the other two soldiers with jet packs. Find cover, switch to Jacob and take out the snipers up in the building across the way. Clear the rest of the area, then pry open the door at the next building.
    11. Plenty of weapons and ammo here! After you gear up, head up the stairs and open the door at the top. Following the short cutscene, go left through the building. Take cover under the window and kill the Raven in the building across from you.
    12. Head for that building, turn right and taken out the Raven here. Follow your team outside and take out the snipers on the roofs. Continue to follow your team through a couple more buildings that you’ll have to clear out.
    13. After you meet up in the courtyard, some chick named Meilin will show up in her “Whistler.” Head in a building for cover and aim for the two red circles on the…”shoulders” of the Whistler.” The main thing to watch out for is when you see the red lasers and hear the beeping sounds, back up from your cover to get as far away from it as possible to avoid getting locked onto by some missiles.
    14. After you destroy it, kill the wave of Raven that will come down the steps of the main temple. Head up the steps and open the door to the temple. Head up the steps and through the open door to take you back outside.
    15. Great…Meilin’s back with an Enforcer! This one’s going to be tricky to destroy because she moves around so much. Aim for the gold band around its waist and once again, watch out for the heat-seeking missiles. She’ll also summon Raven to help her. She’ll take a while to defeat, so make sure you utilize all four characters to make it happen.
    16. Following the cutscene, head over to the gate and lift it up. Follow the tunnel around and drop off the ledge. Pick up the nearby ammo and head up the path. There will be lots of Raven snipers up this path (and a few with cloaks), so be alert (look for the lasers to help you spot them).
    17. After you cross the bridge, meet up at the vent so you can hop down it. Following the short cutscene, move up to the stack of crates. Sneak past the unsuspecting guard, then drop down through the yellow vent in the back corner. Pick up the fuse credits as you make your way through the sewer.
    18. After you climb the ladder, take out the solider behind the desk. Take cover and then kill the soldiers up along the guardrail as well as the rest down at ground level. Clear the room, then meet up the at the top of the stairs with your team.
    19. Get to the gunner over-watching the outside area and use it to fight off enemy forces, including the chopper that will be dropping off the Raven soldiers. With the outside area clear, turn around, take cover behind the guardrail and take out any remaining Raven down below.
    20. Robot time! And this guy will move fast! You’ll want to lure him downstairs where you’ll have more room to maneuver. Get behind him and aim for the fuel tank to destroy him. Pick up the Incinerator if you want, then follow your team through the door. Use the Incinerator to blast through a few Raven soldiers to get to the next room.
    21. With your team giving you cover on the turrets, hop up onto the yellow ledge on the control room to the left. Climb around, drop down on the other side, do the same thing with the control room on the other side, except this time drop in through the hole in the control room and hack the computer.
    22. Exit through the door, then get into the elevator. Exit the elevator and head through the door that will lead you to Mission Control. Take the two doors to lead you back outside. Take cover, then take out the snipers on the second floor as well as the rest of the Raven soldiers as you make your way toward Valkyrie. You’ll need to move quickly through this next sequence since you’ll only have 6 minutes to disable the missile.
    23. Meet up with your team, then open the vent to the left of the huge missile and shoot the cells to engage the clamp. Destroy another set of cells under a around as you make your way around, killing a handful of soldiers in the process. Make sure you clear the area, then meet up at the rally point inside the elevator.
    24. Perform the exact same task on the next level (you’ll have more soldiers to deal with here). Head up to the elevator and destroy the final sets of cells to prevent the launch.
    25. The return of Meilin! She’ll be in a Whistler again, so aim for the red circles on the insides of the wings and the center orb to destroy it. You’ll also have to deal with several waves of Raven soldiers.

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.