Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility

    1. Head up the path and follow it around to the left. You’ll then have to do a bit of dangerous rock climbing along the ridge. Once you reach the ledge looking out over the chasm, use the zip line to take you across.
    2. Turn right and climb up the three horizontal pipes. Jump out to the two vertical pipes and climb all the way up the one on the far right. Jump up to the horizontal one and go all the way to the right. Jump up to ledge of the room, perform a stealth kill on the one soldier, then pull yourself up and take out the other one.
    3. Get the credits on the crates to the left, then get up on top of the truck to the right, then jump up onto the ledge of the windows. Move all the way across (pass the turret), then drop down and hack the controls to break the barrier.
    4. Head through the door to get inside the station. Head through the next door, then meet up at the rally point for a short cutscene. Wait for the patrolling soldier to pass by, then vault over the railing and perform a stealth kill. Do the same on the next guy and then quickly shoot and kill the last two.
    5. Take cover behind the railing and take out the Raven on the platform of the watchtower that you pass (BTW, ammo in the center crate if you need it). You’ll then have to fight off a bunch at the next station. The last station will have snipers to pick off, and then you’ll have to deal with Raven soldiers with jetpacks actually landing on your lift. Kill them and survive the choppers, and it’s a straight shot to the compound.
    6. When you pull in, take out the soldiers up on the catwalk, then exit the lift when you dock. Take cover and eliminate any soldiers on the ground floor. Head through the door with your team, turn right and take out the four cloaked soldiers.
    7. After you pry open the next door, head down the nearby stairs, take cover and kill the attacking Raven. When the transport lift shows up, there will be a ton of guys on. Make sure you have decent cover and quickly throw some grenades on there to help you clear it out.
    8. With it clear, head onto the transport lift and hack the controls. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with another Whisperer here. Like the others, aim for the two circles on the inside of its wings and the center orb above the gun to destroy it. Also, twice it will fly away and return only after you fight off a pack of Raven soldiers.
    9. You’ll then have to kill soldiers who will pass by on their own transport lift. After you make the jump across to their left, kill any remaining soldiers. Get on the gunner on the back of the truck and use it to destroy the chopper that shows up.
    10. Following the cutscene, climb the ridge on the rock wall all the way to the right. Then make your way across a series of poles to finally get back on solid ground. After you hop up the ledge and watch the cutscene, make your way toward the facility. Perform stealth kill on the three soldiers standing guard, then shoot and kill the rest of the attacking Raven.
    11. After you turn right and head through the open gate, make sure you take out hte snipers up in the building on the left first, then eliminate the ground troops. There will lots of guys in close quarters here, so use your cover and advance wisely.
    12. With the area clear, perform a wall breach on the wall to the right of the control room. Pull the lever to shut down the power plant. Take out the lone soldier at the top of the vent, then head up the ladder.
    13. Head up the stairs and kill the few Raven across the way. Climb up one of the yellow pipes to the right, then crawl through the wind tunnel. Go left and then turn right under the small space to cut a hole through the vent. After you drop down, go left, then climb up the yellow pipe on the left to get to the next spot.
    14. Turn right and head all the way down. Open the small vent on the left and drop down. Advance to some cover and eliminate all Raven security forces here. With the area clear, advance to the door and the end of the room. Go left down the hallway, then turn right and hack the keypad near the next door.
    15. Advance. Pick up the credits on the back of the center table, then go lift the large bay door to the right. As you head forward, eventually the next bay door will open and some Seekers will scurrying through. Kill them and quickly take out the handful of Raven soldiers. You’ll then have to fight off a robot, so quickly run behind it and shoot its fuel tank to destroy it. There will also be these new little machines that pop up and open fire on you, so you’ll have to deal with those, too.
    16. With the area clear, head through the next two doors with your team and clear out the lab of all Raven soldiers. Hack the keypad on the lift to take it up. Next, pull the lever on the computer to activate the supply crane.
    17. Follow your team up the horizontal yellow pipes and head down the tunnel. After you overhear Luther’s conversation, drop down through one of the yellow vents. Exit through the two main doors, turn left toward the elevator and kill the two Raven soldiers.
    18. Turn right and hack the keypad to open the door and enter the elevator. Pry open the doors, then hop up the ledge and open the vent. Go left and proceed to cut a hole through the vent.
    19. This sounds like a bad plan, but run up to the controls and hack them to activate an Enforcer. Exit through the hole in door the Enforcer blasts for you. After he blasts away the glass casing at the turn, kill the attacking Raven soldiers down below. Drop down and clear the assembly line of all Raven forces. There will be a ton, so stick close to the Enforcer (or find good cover).
    20. With the area clear, meet up at the rally point inside the next elevator. After you reach the next floor, take cover. Like before, clear out the enemy forces here, then take out the next group after the Enforcer destroys the glass casing to the right (kill the ones on the catwalk first, then drop down and eliminate the guys on the ground floor).
    21. After you clear this area (including the enemy Enforcer), meet up at the next rally point. All of these Raven here will have fuse shields, so use your Xenotech to destroy them. After your Enforcer implodes, head through the main door with your team and hack the keypad on the right to open the next door.
    22. Cross the bridge and turn right at the dead end through the trees. Turn left, hop up onto the ledge and take cover up ahead. Perform a couple of stealth kills on the closest soldiers, then clear out the rest of the area. As you advance, you’ll eventually spot two Enforcers that you’ll also have to defeat.
    23. After you take care of them, regroup with your team and hack the keypad to open the bay door. Advance and turn left at the end through the next door. Following the cutscene, kill these new tricked-out soldiers.
    24. With the area clear, turn right and kill the few soldiers that come running out of the door. Head through and then enter the next door down the hallway. Kill the soldier, then grab the ammo and XP pry open the next door.
    25. Take cover behind the guardrail and clear the platform of enemy forces. Head for the chopper once the platform is clear for a cutscene. So much for the evac! You’ll now have to destroy the Maelstrom. Like the Whistlers, aim for the three yellow orbs to destroy this guy. It’s best to use Naya and her cloaking device so you can unload on it without being seen temporarily. (Also, watch out for the bombs it spits out; these have a bright light shining through them and need to be fired on before they explode because they pack a huge punch.)

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.