Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stronghold

    1. Turn around and hop up on the ledge. Advance, drop off of the next ledge and perform three stealth kills on the soldiers performing guard duty. You can get some XP on top of the barrel on the far ledge to the right before you advance.
    2. Drop off of the next ledge and take cover behind the barricade. Clear out enemy forces here, but watch out for the snipers up on the second floor and the roof. Advance and then take out the next group through the open bay door on the right. There will be a ton here, so take cover behind the wall before actually entering side.
    3. With the room clear, head inside. Head up the stairs to the right and you’ll find some XP outside (also, if you hop the ledge and jump down to the ground, there will be some fuse credits in the back left corner). Head down the stairs, turn right, head up the steps to the control room and hack the computer to the left of the window.
    4. Head out the door to the left and use the zip line. Follow the tunnel around and lift the gate. Jump up onto the ledge on the left and then climb up the pole. Jump up to the horizontal pole, then to the ledge, move around to the left, drop down behind the barrier and hack the keypad to allow your team to pass through.
    5. Climb back up the pole, head through the opening and on up the stairs for a cutscene. Even though the two sides will be waging war here, you’ll still have to clear the area. Use Naya’s cloak to sneak by all of them as you advance. Hop the ledge, turn right up the steps, head up the steps past the water fountain and turn right up the next set of steps. From a window in this room, you can now flank all of the unsuspecting troops.
    6. With the courtyard clear, head up the main stairs to the next floor. Turn left to head back outside and once again, eliminate all enemy forces from both sides. There will also be an Enforcer here, but he’ll have a shield! Simply wait for it to drop, then go for the fuel tank on his back.
    7. Pick up his Behemoth and use it wipe out the final line of troops with shields coming down the stairs. Follow your team up the stairs to the left and up the ledge through the rubble. Stand over the exposed wood to breach into the stronghold.
    8. Drop down the first ledge, then jump up to the ledge of the rack on the right, jump across to the ac unit, then make your way up a series of pipes and ledges to get up to vent. After you open it and head through, drop down through the vent at the end.
    9. Perform a stealth kill on the lone guard and grab the credits on boxes to the left of the door before exiting. Turn right, take cover behind a column and once again, kill both sets of troops. With the entrance hall clear, meet up with your team and head through the next door.
    10. Fable’s troops will be looking to just kill you in this room. Get cover, take out the snipers on the second floor, then clear the rest of the room. A lot of these guys will have those high-tech riot shields, so you’ll have to be patient and use a ton of ammo on them.
    11. Pry open the main door after you talk to Burgess. Head down the path and step outside onto the balcony. However, quickly head back inside for cover because you’ll be ambushed by jet-pack troops. After you fend them off, kill the seekers, then scale the wall to the left of the big statue and pry open the door on the left.
    12. Pick up the ammo, then use Naya’s cloaking abilities to stealth kill the three soldiers in the museum room. Take out the rest of the troops, then destroy the Enforcer. Pick up his Titan for fun, head up the stairs and use it to kill the troops with riot shields down the hallway.
    13. Make your way around the hallway to the rally point, then perform a wall breach on the nearby wall. Head through, go left and pry open the door. Go right and scale the library book shelf. Climb around the first laser barrier, then drop down. Go diagonal toward the next book shelf, scale it, move around to the left, drop down and hack the keypad on the column.
    14. Step back and destroy the Seekers that will ambush you, then head inside the elevator. Clear this room, then pry open the door to the safe room for a cutscene. Pick up the XP in the back right corner, then follow Luther through the escape tunnels.
    15. Take cover with your team behind the guardrail, then take out the snipers and other enemy soldiers across the way. With the room clear, head to the elevator. Crazy fire fight on the roof here. Take cover and immediately begin picking off enemy soldiers as they repel from the chopper. You’ll then have to slowly and methodically advance across the roof, taking out soldiers along the way.
    16. Once you reach the steps, quickly take cover behind the guardrail and flank the dude on the turret. Hop on it and use it to take out the next wave of enemy soldiers. Follow your team into the building, then take the next door outside.
    17. Turn left and take cover behind one of the planters. Here’s something different: another battle with an Enforcer and a group of enemy soldiers! After you destroy the Enforcer, use it to take down the two choppers that will show up. Clear the courtyard, then follow your team to the next elevator.
    18. You guessed it: more enemy soldiers. Use Naya’s cloaking device to flank them. Head up the stairs to the left, hop on the turret and use it to take down the two Whistlers. When the laser from the Whistler is on you and you hear the beeping sound, quickly pull off and find cover to avoid getting obliterated by missiles. Hop back on it and destroy them to complete the mission.

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.