Fuse Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Hyperion Base
  • Mission 2: Triton Outpost
  • Mission 3: Sheng Island
  • Mission 4: Raven Facility
  • Mission 5: Jodhpur Stonghold
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station
  • Mission 6: Grigori Station

    1. Space time! Head down the path toward the door. After it opens, head through and turn right down the path. Hop up onto the ledge on the left at the glass doors and follow the crawl space around to the yellow vent. After you drop down (XP in the left corner), perform four stealth attacks on the soldiers in the room diagonally across from you.
    2. With the room clear, hack the computer on the left. Follow your team through the door and then down the stairs. Walk all the way to the back where you’ll find some credits to the left. Head up the stairs, take out the nearby soldier, then take cover behind the guardrail and clear the rest of the room out.
    3. Eventually, they’ll call in a lockdown. When they do, head into the control room in the back left corner of the room and pull on the lever. Take cover and take out the snipers across from your through the window, as well as the soldiers with jetpacks.
    4. After you take cover of them (and the handful of Seekers), head through the tunnel of the conveyor belt. Perform a stealth kill on the lone soldier here for an awesome cutscene. Use the eyeball on the scanner and then head through the door.
    5. Stealthily head all the way around to the left. Go through the doorway and then onto the conveyor belt to surprise the enemy forces here. After you clear the first wave, a group of riot troops will show up. The best way to take cave of these guys is to sneak by them using Naya’s cloaking device, then pick them off one by one using stealth attacks.
    6. Head into the room on the left, use the eye on the keypad and head into the elevator (If you want, you can perform a wall breach on the back wall of this room for some weapons and XP.) After you exit, it will be like the area before: fight off the first wave of soldiers, then take out the riot troops using Naya’s cloaking ability. You’ll then have to Enforcers to kill, so swap characters when it’s handy to get a good look at their fuel tanks.
    7. Pick up one of the Titans and use it on the reinforcement soldiers that will pour out of the tram. Head inside to clear it out, then flip the switch on the controls to have it take you to the loading bay.
    8. When the tram comes to a stop, quickly exit, take cover and survive the ambush. After you clear the loading bay, follow your team up the ladder up ahead. Get the XP on the rack in the left corner, then turn around and begin to head around the path, but watch out for the clocked soldiers that will attack you!
    9. Open the vent when you reach it and head through the crawl space. Once you get to the end and cut a hole through the floor, exit through the door. Using Naya and her cloak, quickly hop over the box to the left, then turn right and enter through the vent shaft. Exit through the other vent, go through the door, equip the cloak again and hack the keypad up on the left.
    10. Wait for your team to join you, then head through the next door. Head down the hallway through the next door to get your space walk on! Exit through the next door and take cover behind the guardrail. Head around to the left and stealth kill the lone soldier, then take out the rest of the soldiers down below.
    11. After you clear the area, you’ll then have to deal with a Behemoth that’s been modified with fuse! It’s OK, though, the fuse shield can be destroyed with a few bullets. After that, simply get behind him and unload on the fuel tank. You’ll also have to deal with a handful of soldiers and those floating turrets.
    12. With him taken care of, pick up his gun and use it to wipe out the jet pack soldiers. With the room finally clear, head onto the freight elevator and pull the lever.
    13. Following the cutscene, head down the hallway. Turn left for some credits, then go right through the door. Get the XP in the left corner, then pick up the fuse cell and head through the next door.
    14. Quickly drop the cell as you take cover and clear out this room as quickly as possible (before the cell loses too much stability). Pick the cell back up and go place it in its holder next to the shuttle at the end of the bay. Follow your team through the door in font of the shuttle (get the credits to the left first!).
    15. Pick up the fuse cell in here and like before, head through the door, take cover and quickly clear out the room. Once the bottom floor is taken care of, take the fuse cell up the stairs. You might have a few more soldiers to kill here, so quickly dispense of them, then go place the cell in its charger.
    16. Take out the reinforcements that show up after you get the cell in the charger, then head through the door and take the stairs up to the next floor. Riot troops here, so use Naya’s cloak to slip by them and take them out stealthily from behind.
    17. Head through the next door in the control room and hack the computer over to the left to open the bay doors. Following the short cutscene, grab the XP in the back of the room, then follow your team through the next door.
    18. Cross the bridge and head through the door. Grab the credits in the open compartment on the right, then kill the two soldiers that come out of the elevator and take it up to the next floor.
    19. Exit the elevator and take cover. You only have four minutes till launch, so no stealth here—unload on these guys and take them out quickly. There are a lot of soldiers here, but you should have enough time to take them out and get upstairs to reprogram the shuttles.
    20. Turn around (get the XP to the left), take cover and take out the snipers and attacking riot troops. Advance forward up into the watch tower, take out the enemies here, then lift up the door.
    21. Head through the next door and clear out the command station. After you have done so, hack the computer over to the right. After you hack the controls, you’ll immediately be ambushed by cloaked soldiers. Quickly break free if you get caught by one, then free your teammates so none of them die. There will be two more waves of cloaked soldiers, so be vigilant.
    22. Once you finally take care of them, follow your team into the elevator. Exit, turn left, grab the XP on the wall to the left, then shoot the grate on the ceiling to the right. Quickly back up to kill the Seekers, then hop up into the crawl space, follow it around and drop down into the next area.
    23. Drop into the tiny (random) space in the floor, crouch under the lasers, then jump up and hack the keypad. Use the eyeball on the keypad for the door, then quickly take cover behind a desk and clear out the room.
    24. Eventually, some moron will shoot a hole through one of the windows, so it will lead to some cool slow-motion gameplay. After you clear the room—riot troops and all—a “Leadshot” and a “Leadfoot” will show up. As soon as you destroy them, two more robot enemies will show up, so make sure you pick up one of the big guns and use it on the two other robots (remember to aim at the fuel tanks on the backs of all four of them). After one final wave of soldiers, head up the stairs and lift open the door.
    25. Head downstairs for a cutscene. Final boss time! Fable’s super-robot will have two different fuse shield layers, so you’ll have to unload massive amounts of ammo anywhere on him first to break through both of those. Again, the best way to do this is use Naya’s cloak so that way he cant’ see you. However, there’s a good chance your three teammates will go down easy, you make sure you keep a close eye on them and revive them when you have to.
    26. After both shields have been destroyed, he’ll hover and shoot a few huge laser beams that will pan out wide. Right after this, he’ll fire off a round of heat seeking missiles. For the lasers, hide behind a guardrail, then quickly run away from that spot to avoid the missiles.
    27. Other than that, just aim for his chest whenever you get a chance and keep reviving each one of your teammates whenever they go down. And if Fable ever picks someone up, immediately shoot at the robot’s to force him to drop them. Be patient (once his health is down to halfway, his shields will regenerate and you’ll have to destroy them again), look for ammo on the railings whenever you run out and you should have no problem defeating him to complete the game.

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    1 Comment on Fuse Walkthrough


    On August 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Use your main xenotech weapon here. (Arcshot, warp, etc; each character has their own).
    Also if you’re doing it single player, focus more on taking out the soldiers (especially the silver ones) and healing your guys, only shoot at Raven’s ship only when you have time.