Galactic Civilizations 3 Hits Early Access, Will Cost You

Nice! Galactic Civilizations 3 just hit early access on Steam. Think I’ll snag me… wait, it’s $100?

Officially it’s the Galactic Civilizations 3 Founder’s Elite Edition and developer Stardock says it’s meant for those who truly want to help shape the future of the sci-fi strategy game. The price tag, evidently, is meant to act as a barrier to entry. Only serious Galactic Civilizations fans need apply.

If you do meet the qualifications and you have $100 to burn, be aware that GC3 is currently in an early alpha state, it’s nowhere near done, and as the devs admit, it’s not even fun yet. Here’s how Stardock puts it:

“We believe that gathering as much feedback as we can from our players to be the only way to make a truly exceptional game, and we are grateful for your help. We’re extremely pleased with where we are on the path that leads to Galactic Civilizations’ 2015 release, but the game is in an early alpha state. Please be aware that the game isn’t actually, well, fun yet. Major systems are unfinished and content is severely limited (please visit the community forums for the latest caveat list); we plan to be in Early Access up until release.”

If you still want in, you will eventually get some bang for your buck. Here are the bonus items/features the Founder’s Elite Edition includes:

  • A lifetime subscription to all GalCiv III DLC and expansion packs
  • Create your legacy* – Suggest a star name and get special thanks credit
  • Founders’ Vault* – Access exclusive art, music and more from the development team
  • Forum badge* – Display with your account on the official Stardock forums

Stardock says the Founder’s Elite edition will only be available for a “short time” before it’s replaced by a $50 early access standard edition.

Personally, I don’t think loyal fans should have to pay a premium to help a dev make a game. Seems to me the money should be going in the opposite direction. But I’m clearly in the minority because early access is exploding, and PC gamers evidently don’t mind paying to get into an early alpha one bit.

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3 Comments on Galactic Civilizations 3 Hits Early Access, Will Cost You


On March 29, 2014 at 5:20 pm

€93 for the honour of beta testing the game for the developers. Huh.

Anyone who buys into this at that price is a chump, and is contributing to the abuse of the Early Access program in general.

I don’t care if this game is good; there is no justifying this sort of price for testing a game that is a year away from completion. Promise of DLC or not, this is a ridiculous and frankly extortionate way to advertise the game.

Titanium Dragon

On March 30, 2014 at 12:43 am

I think that what should be done is, seeing as these people are charging money for people to play their game… well, the games should be reviewed at this point.

After all, they’re charging money for them, why not review them, given that, you know, they’re actually releasing the product? The purpose of reviews is to tell consumers whether or not it is wise to spend their money on something.

If they start actually reviewing games when they start selling them, early access or no, it will greatly discourage the practice of ripping people off. I mean, if you’re willing to charge money for it, you sure better be ready for the critics to start going after you…


On March 30, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Sure, lets just review the game in its alpha/pre-alpha version that they only released with a massive pay wall so that only their most core fans would purchase it, giving them the much needed feedback they wish from the community that would be playing this game for at least a decade. As one of those core fans, that knows I’ll also purchase every expansion and dlc for this game, the savings are enough for me to grab this.