Galactic Warfare Mod Developer Interview

How many maps do you have currently?

We have 7 maps. Tatooine, Bespin, Juntland, Juntland dusk — the same map, but with different light settings and other differences — then we have our version of CoD 4′s Shipment, which we call Not A Cave. It’s when you fly into the worm with the millennium falcon. We get a lot of… “feedback” from players on this map. But it’s a pure fun map. Like in the movie, any time you shoot the “walls,” there’s an “earthquake.” People hate it, but it’s just a fun map. We have a very detailed Millennium Falcon model that an artist worked hard on, and this map was basically made to place this MF in the middle to properly showcase it. Then we have Bestine, a space harbour on Tatooine, and we have Anchorhead, which is a night map that takes place on Tatooine’s desert setting.

Those are the ones we have released. Basically, we thought this would be our final release. Nothing else was planned. But we got so much feedback, even from mappers that work for actual game developers, not just modders… It’s crazy, what’s going on. So we decided to go on.

A lot of projects have been started by guys who offered us their support, but they never finished their projects. This tends to happen in the modding scene. But this time we hope that those guys finish their projects, so I’m quite sure that there will be some maps based on Endor which will follow. Not soon, because it takes a while, but within the next months.

How many custom weapons do you have?

We came from the classical CoD games. So CoD4, for example, already contained too many weapon options. Too many possibilities, with the C4 and all this stuff. We wanted to have a mod that was a bit reduced, but also capable of competitive gaming.

So we have 6 different player classes, divided among Rebel and Imperial forces. They all have the same names: Assault Class, Commando, Spec Ops, Heavy Gunner, Scout, and Sniper. The Rebels and Imperials have different weapons.

The Imperial forces, for example, have the DLT-28 — you may not know the name, but when you see it, you’ll recognize it as one of the typical blasters. They also have the E-11. We wanted to keep it close to the original SW trilogy, and one problem we encountered was that there were many weapons for the different characters, but not a big variety for the troops themselves. So we had to decide what other weapons to implement. For example, we gave the Commando Rebels the Chewbacca’s Bowcaster, and for the Imperials, Boba Fett’s blaster.

What gametypes do you have?

We have the classical CoD gametypes, and we integrated a new one, called ViD, similar to the Very Important Person gametypes from other games. ViD stands for Very Important Droid, because you have to protect R2D2. So you are moving around as R2D2 and the others have to protect you. You can also defend yourself with electroshocks and by bashing or driving over your enemy.

Did you look at the upcoming Old Republic MMO for inspiration?

No; we only looked to the classical trilogy for inspiration. That’s what made it a bit difficult, but it worked. I think the set up is quite okay.

What made you decide to make the mod for CoD4 instead of World at War?

We thought about using World at War because we would be able to integrate drivable SW vehicles, but in the end, CoD4 was better because it allowed us to integrate some Kill Streaks. One, for example, is an Air Strike, in which the Y-Wing bomber for the Rebel Alliance or the Tie Bomber for the Imperial forces replaces the traditional CoD4 bomber. And we have the Viper probe droid, which is a Kill Streak that replaces the regular helicopter.

Any plans to make a version of Galactic Warfare for a new CoD game?

Newer CoD games don’t have mod tools, so without the tools, we can’t do anything. It looks like Black Ops may bring out some tools, but without Radiant, it’s impossible to make maps. There might still be a chance when all the DLC is released, but for now we’re not thinking about the new CoD games because of the missing tools.

What about a standalone version?

The idea for this mod was grown out of our daily gaming. We started working on it because we enjoyed playing CoD4. It was, and still is, our favorite game from the CoD franchise. When you start a big project like this, it takes quite a long time before you have something to show. In total we were around 10 people working on the mod. And all those people already knew how to work with the mod tools for CoD4. If we were to use, for example, the Crytek engine or the UDK, we would have to get used to it first. For the moment, we are not thinking about that.

Maybe if George Lucas calls us — and not his lawyers — to ask if we could do something… Then we might think about it, but only when we can go to Skywalker Ranch.

This mod was born out of a hobby. But some of us are at a level where they are using the mod as a portfolio for when they apply to jobs with developers. The mod itself is what made some people on the team think about finding a job in the industry.

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