Galactic Warfare Mod Developer Interview

What differentiates your team from others?

There are a lot of modding teams out there. But I think something that is special about the people we had in our team is that we’re not just working on the mod, we also had a lot of fun playing a lot of stock games while we were sitting in TeamSpeak together and having fun, and that kept us alive for such a long time essentially.

Was this your first foray into modding?

We did some modding in the past. We are kind of a round table, a community where a lot of modders hang out. The first idea of a joint project was not a mod, but a map in which several mappers and modders were involved. We made the Apesgorod map for CoD4 — quite a detailed one.

After that, we were falling into a hole as he wondered, “What’s next?” Then someone started making this E-11 blaster and we decided to make a SW mod. We already knew the strengths and weaknesses of each other. We knew it would take a long time to realize such a project. And it worked.

What tools did your team use to make GW?

Radiant, the Call of Duty mod tools. Some of us are also professionals, like the 3D artists that worked with us, so they were able to use Maya for 3D modeling. But basically, the mod tools themselves. And, of course, Photoshop and things like that for texturing.

Were the sound effects you used pulled from Star Wars games?

No; we heard horror stories like, if George Lucas and his lawyers hear that you’re doing this mod, they will stop you and hang you as high as they can. We’re not too afraid of that, but right from the beginning we wanted to work as professionally and visibly as possible, so we added all those copyright notices, and we tried to work very detailed so that Mr. Lucas wouldn’t feel hurt if he sees what we did.

Take the music, for example. Most (SW) projects that were stopped on the internet were because people were using music from Sony Music. So it wasn’t Lucas that stopped those projects, but Sony Music. So we knew we couldn’t use the SW songs, but it still had to sound a bit like SW. So we have Rollercoaster who did an excellent job by making all the in-game sounds and the soundtrack for the mod. He’s a DJ and he’s quite familiar with all that stuff. He also produces music. So he made us our own soundtrack, which is also featured in the videos. After that, we were not scared about Sony Music stopping us, because it’s Rollercoaster’s copyright. It just sounds a bit like Star Wars, but it’s not.

You said it could be another few months before we see new content for Galactic Warfare?

Yes, I think so. First of all, it’s summer now, so we’ll be spending some time in the sun. Some of us have already started with one project — an Ewok tree village that somebody started and left unfinished. Now, one mapper now took over the project to finalize it, but there’s still a lot of stuff to do. It doesn’t need to be made from scratch, so it could take weeks to months, but any other new maps will take months.

What is your advice for someone who wants to get into modding?

First of all, tutorials, tutorials, tutorials. Before you ask a known mapper or modder for help, you must have looked through tutorials first. Because there are many guys out there like ZeroY who made fantastic tutorials for the mod tools.

If someone wants to start a mod team, the only advice I’d give is that the most important thing is communication. If you just meet in some kind of forum or board to say to divide the labor, that won’t work. We saw a lot of projects that were doing that die. I think the most important thing is that you communicate, which means that you are talking together, sitting together in TeamSpeak or Skype or whatever and having fun playing games.

Has anyone asked for a console version?

A lot of X-box and PS3 players have asked us when this mod will be available for their platforms… and I would like to say, for the record: NEVER. Stop asking that. It will never be available because we don’t have mod tools on those systems. Go and buy a f***ing PC.

I get this question ten times a day. Sometimes people get aggressive and demanding about it. It’s ridiculous. It’s just crazy.

It sucks that we have so many of these requests, because we just can’t do it. I’m sorry.

Closing thoughts?

I would like to thank all the people involved in the mod — Xfckup, Oldman, Xiao, Rollercoaster, Mapicted, T.R. Graves, Sizzer, Jock Yitch, Vernichter, Cornrow Wallace Gama, Matroskin and ZeroY — as well as the crowd out there and the mind-blowing response. We still don’t get it — the feedback is crazy.

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