Game Front Primer: Everything You Need for Slender: The Eight Pages

We’re pretty big fans of Mark J. Hadley’s game Slender: The Eight Pages, as well as the myth of the Slender Man in general. And that’s why Game Front has put together a compendium of pages to make playing the game and surviving the horror a little easier.

Keep reading for everything we’ve got on Slender and Slender Man, including the history of the myth itself and all the walkthrough info you’re going to need to download, play and enjoy getting the crap scared out of you in Slender: The Eight Pages.

Slender Man Game Myth & History

Confused as to what the hell the Slender Man even is? You’re probably not alone. Born of an Internet photomanipulation contest, this urban legend was completely created by the Internet through a series of photos, fan-made videos, student films and “creepy pasta.” Through the power of the Internet, the mythos of the creature was born.

Hit this link to delve into an explanation of what the Slender Man is. For purposes of enjoying the game Slender, however, here are the quick hits: Slender Man is a long, tall creature with strange proportions who appears to be wearing a black business suit. He has no face and, specifically, no eyes. If you see him, he hunts you down and kills you. He seems to have the ability to teleport, to engender paranoia, sickness, and insanity. He also can distort photos and other electronics.

Don’t look directly at him. If you see him — run.

Slender Man Game Game Download

Hit this link right here to download Slender: The Eight Pages, Parsec Productions’ phenomenal little horror game. It was built on the Unity Engine, and a playthrough will take you 15-30 minutes. It’s worth mentioning that the models aren’t final, and that the game itself is an alpha that’s still a work in progress, according to creator Hadley.

Slender: Tapping Primal Dread and an Internet Meme

Back when we first played Slender: The Eight Pages, we dissected just what makes it such an effective and frightening little game, despite its low-quality alpha graphics and relatively short runtime. Read all about it here.

Slender Man Game Walkthrough

Our man James braves Slender: The Eight Pages, working his way through the creature’s enclosed park in an attempt to find the missing eight notebook pages that make up the game’s primary goal. The video’s pretty funny, and the information found within is valuable as well. Hit this link to watch.

Slender Man Game Game Map

The game world of Slender can be pretty disorienting. It’s pitch black and your only way of navigating it is with your single, somewhat-crappy flashlight. There are paths to guide you through the park, and you’ll want to stay on them — venture into the woods and you won’t last long. But the game is tougher than that: the locations of the notebook pages you’re searching for don’t always appear in the same places. Having this map can be integral to completing the game. Check it out right here.

Slender Man Game Tips & Tricks

Sure, you know to avoid looking at the Slender Man, as that causes him to kill you faster. But did you know he’s more likely to appear in certain areas? Did you know that venturing into the dense forest will bring him after you faster? We’ve compiled a number of important tips to help you make your way through the game world — and survive the evil hunting you. Hit this link for knowledge.

Slender Man Game Secret Modes & Unlockables

There’s more to Slender: The Eight Pages than what at first meets the eye. Finishing the game with all eight pages can unlock some secrets and hidden goodies, but only if you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, we’ve figured it already, so you don’t have to — because it can be difficult trying to discover secrets when he’s right behind you. Learn about it all right here.

Got more Slender: The Eight Pages coverage you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll make it happen.

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