Game Front’s Five Fav GTA San Andreas Mods

With new shiny new screenshots released this week, we were all once again reminded of the gaping hole in our souls where Grand Theft Auto V should be. Sorry guys, but no amount of Easter/Passover/April Fool’s is going to fill that void. Alas, our return to San Andreas must wait until September, but while we’re pacing anxiously, perhaps we can find comfort by rewinding the clock back to 2004 and the launch of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Of course, in addition to the fact that you’ve probably played it something like 4,000 times, it must be acknowledged that GTASA hasn’t aged well. Luckily, Modders are on the case, and because we care, we’ve decided to point you in the direction of a few of the best modifications for the classic game. Read on and discover our five favorite GTA: San Andreas mods.

Jurassic Park Operation Andreas

What can you say that isn’t summed up by GTA with dinosaurs? Jurassic Park Operation Andreas is a hilarious mod of San Andreas set on a fairly decent approximation of Jurassic Park’s Isla Nublar. Hate Raptors? Now instead of cowering in terror, you can Regulate… The Mesozoic Era… and smoke those fools with a tech nine. The only chaos theory you need to concern yourself with is the chaos created when you have a day so good that you don’t even need to use an AK. Read more about it, and grab it here.

Left 4 Theft

As the whole world now knows, everything is better with Zombies. Except for 1990s bands from Ireland and the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Nowhere is this rule proved more correct than with Left 4 Theft, a San Andreas mod that plops scores of the ravenous undead into the gritty gang wars of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. You can download it here.

Multi Theft Auto

As awesome as San Andreas remains all these years later, it lacks something now considered essential to the complete gaming experience: the ability to kill your friends mercilessly, or in tandem. It did include a very limited co-op, (localized to CJ and his girlfriends), but it was, at best, superfluous. That’s fixed, thanks to Multi Theft Auto, a brilliant mod that turns Rockstar’s ultimate sandbox game into a literal sandbox, even for people who aren’t great at modding. MTA adds a ton of multiplayer content, allows you to creates your own levels, and better still it’s completely open source.

Download it here.

Play San Andreas In Glorious HD

This is an idea so nice we’re going to do it twice. San Andreas obviously remains the pinnacle of the GTA series, but no matter how awesome it is, nine years down the line it really, really, really shows its age. Luckily for you, because waiting, well, forever for Rockstar to hurry up and do something about that with a new game kind of sucks (seriously, remember when they used to have sequels every year or every other year?), a couple of groups of intrepid modders decided to do something about that on their own.

* GTA San Andreas HD Mod

Yes it’s impressive. It features HDR-textures, Hi-poly car models, Enhanced reflections, New hi-poly pedestrians, New clothes for CJ, and much more, making the original game look much more modern and pretty than we’re used to. Read more about it here, and if you want it, download it.

* Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas

And finally, we’re technically cheating here, but it’s too good not to include. Allow us to present the holy grail of San Andreas, at least until this September. It isn’t actually a mod of San Andreas; it’s a full-on remake using GTA IV’s Rage engine. And it’s f*cking beautiful.

It’s still a work in progress, very much a demo at this point. But it’s very far along, and definitely worth your time if you’re desperate for a fix in advance of GTA V. You can find out more, and download it, here.

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