Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


A gamer’s work is never done. Despite the number of terrific titles already released in 2012, things are only getting started. Whether you’re excited for Diablo III or Bioshock: Infinite, read on for a comprehensive look at the all the great games the year has in store.


Kinect Star Wars (360) – April 3rd

Armed with new Pod-racing and Rancor modes, this kid-centric title combines motion controls with the world’s most popular license.

Tribes: Ascend (PC) – April 12th

New developers Hi-Rez hope to restore the classic multiplayer shooter to its former glory.

The Witcher 2 (360) – April 17th

Polish developers CD Projekt return with a console version of their popular RPG.

Prototype 2 (360, PS3) – April 24th (PC July 24th)

New protagonist James Heller uses viral superpowers to kick all kinds of ass in this violent, open-world adventure.

The Walking Dead (PSN, XBLA, PC, Mac) – April TBA

TellTale games adaption of the popular comic-turned-TV show has neat cel-shaded graphics and emotionally wrenching subject matter.




Tera (PC) – May 1st

This MMO, which has been live in Korea since 2011, features combat built around hack-and-slash action combat in lieu of traditional RPG mechanics.

Minecraft (360) – May 9th

The indie sensation shows no signs of slowing down as it prepares to devour XBLA. If you like killing sheep to make beds, Check out GameFront’s very own Minecraft Show!

Diablo III (PC) – May 15th

Hear that? It’s the sound of millions of relationships, friendships, and jobs slowly circling the drain.

Max Payne 3 (PC, PS3, 360)- May 15th

Rockstar’s long-awaited follow-up takes Max to Brazil, where he’ll fight criminals and crooked cops while taking advantage of new movement and aiming technology.

Game of Thrones (PC, PS3, 360) – May 15th

Fans of the TV show and book series hope that this RPG, from French developers Cyanide, can live up to their high standards.

Risen 2 (PC, PS3, 360) – May 22nd

Plenty of pirates and plunder in store for purchasers of this RPG. Check out our in-depth preview.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PS3, 360) – May 22nd

New mechanics define Ubisoft’s entry into the lucrative world of military shooters.



Inversion (PC, 360, PS3) – June 5th

We got our hands on Inversion at last year’s E3, discovering a third-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on gravity and physics.

The Secret World (PC) – June 19th

Conspiracies when this unique MMO from developers FunCom goes live in June. Beta registration is currently open.

Darksiders II (PC, 360, PS3) – June 26th

Play as Death, the coolest horseman of the apocalypse, in this hack-and-slash adventure by Vigil Games. Check out our recent hands-on for more info.


Q2 2012

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (PC, PS3, 360)

CITY Interactive emphasizes tactics and realistic sniping physics in this shooter.


Valve aren’t exactly known for prompt releases, but there’s still a chance of their eagerly awaited DOTA follow-up arriving in early summer. News of LAN and mod support is certainly auspicious.





Far Cry 3 (PC, PS3, 360) – September 4th

Gamers will return to a creepy, violent tropical island for this new chapter in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series, with multiplayer gameplay provided by Massive Entertainment.

Borderlands 2 (PC, PS3, 360) – September 18th

Gameplay still reigns in Gearbox’s RPG shooter; expect plenty of frantic firefights and even more zany weapons.

Fable: The Journey (360) – September TBD

Nobody does it quite like Peter Molyneux. His newest Fable game embraces the Kinect with open arms. Read our account of Molyneux’s hands-on demonstration.


Q3 2012

Tomb Raider 2012 (PC, PS3, 360, Mac)

Lara Croft is back, this time in grittier, more realistic guise.

War of the Roses (PC)

First-person 15th century combat. Expect a lot of blood. We got our hands on it at GDC.

Arma III (PC)

The attention to detail and realism in this open-world shooter is nothing short of astounding. It has a way of delaying release dates, however.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC, PS3, 360)

Not to be confused with 2K’s other XCOM title, Enemy Unknown will feature old-school tactical combat and unique features for PC buyers. Well done, Firaxis!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC, PS3, 360, Mac)

Another Valve product with a nebulous release date, though Game Front’s video team are already in the beta.




Bioshock: Infinite (PC, PS3, 360) – October 16th

Bioshock franchise is back in the safe hands of Ken Levine, who promises lots of writing in addition to great gameplay.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PC, PS3, 360, WiiU) – October 23rd

Travel the world fighting terrorists in this EA military shooter. We saw it in action at GDC.

Assassin’s Creed 3 (PC, PS3, 360, WiiU) – October 30th

Ubisoft’s tentpole franchise travels to colonial America, where Connor, its half-Native-American hero, will contend with historical events and changing seasons.



Resident Evil 6 (PC, PS3, 360) – November 20th

Capcom’s zombified megafranchise gears up for a Fall sequel, featuring 6 (get it?) player co-op.




Q4 2012

Sleeping Dogs (PC, PS3, 360)

Once called True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs has endured a torturous road to completion, one that still doesn’t involve a release date. Check out our extensive hands-on preview.

Halo 4 (360)

The details are more closely guarded than the nuclear launch codes, but Halo should arrive by the end of the year. Our Halo 4 demo report sums up what we do know.

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC, PS3, 360, WiiU)

They’re coming outta the walls, man! Gearbox’s terrifying shooter looks to be more than just another bug hunt.


Potentially Still Coming in 2012

Planetside 2 (PC)

The original title was beloved, and SOE could have another hit on their hands with this auspicious-looking MMOFPS.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (PC)

Trying to predict Blizzard release dates is a losing game, but there’s still a chance of a holiday release for StarCraft II’s much-anticipated second installment. We got hands-on at BlizzCon.

South Park: The Game (PC, PS3, 360)

When “The Jew” was announced as a playable class, it was clear that Obsidian’s licensed title had serious potential. Details still remain hard to come by, however.


Moved to 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

Analysts are predicting a Spring 2013 release. We hope they’re wrong, but no one ever got rich betting on video games to come out earlier than expected.

Metro: Last Light (PC, PS3, 360, WiiU)

Metro 2033 was a sleeper hit in 2010, but the secret’s out on its forthcoming follow-up. Check out 13 minutes of in-game footage.

Star Trek (PC, PS3, 360)

At the moment, it’s little more than this teaser trailer, but the game will eventually provide a bridge between J.J. Abrams’ recent movie and its sequel.

XCOM (PC, PS3, 360)

When we saw XCOM at E3 2011, the game looked like it was coming along despite fan complaints about the format. Now it’s been pushed back. What gives?

Any other games you’re excited about in 2012? Let us know in the comments!

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8 Comments on Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


On March 24, 2012 at 10:24 pm

If this is the best we have to look forward to this year… its gonna be a long year.


On March 25, 2012 at 1:32 am

Prototype 2 on PC?

Ben Richardson

On March 25, 2012 at 1:46 am

A long year of playing Diablo 3!

@hikZ Prototype 2 PC Launch was delayed until July 24th.


On March 25, 2012 at 4:55 am

max payne 3 and borderlands 2 i cant wait


On March 25, 2012 at 9:54 am

What about Sins of a solar empire rebellion?
It is in beta so it cant be that long.


On March 25, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Gonna think about buying an xbox just for minecraft…so sad its not gonna be on ps3. Got it for my laptop, but my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run it smoothly


On March 27, 2012 at 4:27 am

Mechwarrior Online (PC) is still slated for a summer release according to its devs on their forums and when they were at GDC


On March 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

I definitely will send this to my uncle we were just talking about this this morning!