Game Informer: Piles of Mass Effect 3 Stuff

One of those things happened where a game developer released a bunch of juicy info about a game exclusively to one outlet. This outlet in question is Game Informer, and the game in question is Mass Effect 3. This is by far the biggest amount of information released about the game at one time to date, and I doubt there’s going to be another info haul this large until the game comes out, so beware of spoilers. I’ll start off with gameplay stuff and then unleash some massive spoiler tags so you’ll know when to stop reading if you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff. If you are, know that this Mass Effect nerd thinks some of this info sounds promising, and some of it isn’t so promising. Either way, I’m having a hard time getting excited about this stuff because I ordered a badass new TV on Thursday and can’t focus on real-world-ish things. But without further ado…

Gameplay stuff:

- Shepard can roll-dodge and climb over things without doing that stupid Gears lean-then-roll-over-the-chest-high-walls thing he does. Also, he can climb ladders.

-It’ll have better AI in this iteration, say the people who made the game.

-More scanning, but it’ll be different. OK….

- It’ll be more difficult than ME2.

-Won’t have a consistent pool of squadmates throughout the game. Some characters will return only for certain missions. Think Lair of the Shadow Broker.

-Weapon mods, like those in other shooters (CoD, etc.)

-Larger skill trees. My guess is that they’ll be similar to Dragon Age II’s skill trees.

-Mass Effect 2-style New Game Plus.

-Any class can use any weapon! Also, Shepard will be able to pick up weapons that enemies drop when they die.

-No multiplayer, of course.

-Random future Mass Effect stuff: they want to include multiplayer in future Mass Effect titles, but they haven’t figured out how that would make sense yet, and they want to make a Mass Effect MMO.  Ugh.

OK, we’re at the spoilery stuff.


Spoiler stuff:

-All the major former squad characters will return, assuming they aren’t dead. Some will be squadmates, other will be squadmates for certain missions, as mentioned above, and others won’t be squadmates at all.

-The Illusive Man and Cerberus are out to kill Shepard, for some reason they aren’t saying. The feature seems to indicate this is a set-in-stone deal, which sucks. I had hoped that Cerberus would come after you if you destroyed the Reaper base in ME2 and would be friends with you if you didn’t. But, alas, my hopes regarding how much branching there will be in these games usually doesn’t pan out.

-The game will permeate hopelessness because Reapers are destroying the hell out of Earth and nothing can be done to stop them, but then Shepard goes off to rally support around the galaxy, and theoretically at some point you’ll learn about the 2-meter wide exhaust port at which to direct your proton torpedo in order to blow them all up. Meaning there is some “secret” to destroying them, and of course we don’t know what that is yet. Learning that secret doesn’t mean you won’t still need help, though.

-The game begins a few months after the end of ME2 with Shepard on Earth dealing with the fallout of the Arrival DLC. And then the Reapers show up there and blow everything up.

-Shepard takes the Normandy SR-2 to the Alliance, and they take it apart and rebuild it, adding some stuff.

-Shepard will have to go around recruiting entire species to join the fight against the Reapers, and it won’t be easy. Examples given: The quarians want to take back the homeworld from the Geth, and you’ll have to keep them from fighting in order to get them [both, presumably] on board; the salarians are having some sort of internal struggle over the Krogan genophage, and you’ll have to resolve it. In come cases, decisions made in previous games will prevent you from being able to recruit groups.

-There’s a part where a Reaper fights a thresher maw.

-”Shepard may have to sacrifice civilizations to put an end to this war.”

-Husks come in all shapes and species now.

-New character: James Sanders. This person is named matter-of-factly in the feature, so I have no idea what relation, if any, he is to Kahlee Sanders from the novels.

-There’s a picture of Anderson wearing some badass armor and a Sergeant Johnson hat. For those who haven’t read the books: Anderson quit being a politician after ME2.

-Casey Hudson says something vague about how you can attain the “worst-case scenario” for the ending without having to be a total idiot or something. I hope that means certain choices and events or combination thereof in previous game may prevent you from winning the war against the Reapers.

Whew. Information overload.

Just a thought: Can we not exploit Mass Effect all to s–t after ME3? Assuming ME3 is a good game, let the franchise die happy, at the top. Don’t ruin it with endless multiplayer BS and MMOs.

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4 Comments on Game Informer: Piles of Mass Effect 3 Stuff


On April 11, 2011 at 7:24 am

Yeah, some of us don’t want ME to die after ME3. While I agree that they don’t need to make a one a year thing like EA tends to with every other game they make, I would like to see more ME games over time. It’s not a franchise that should just go away. An MMO, if done right, would be good. My problem with making MMOs is that they tend to be halfassed when made. And then you have to wait until expansion #37 to see anything good added or repaired.

Phil Owen

On April 11, 2011 at 10:05 am

That’s exactly my concern.

It’d be one thing if they were to make a one-off adventure in the Mass Effect universe, or even another trilogy, but they’re talking MMOs and online shooters and trying to compete with Call of Duty, and it feels like they aren’t looking to continue the franchise out of a desire to continue the franchise so much as they would be doing it to simply try to milk the Mass Effect name for all it’s worth. And that’s what I don’t want.

After my first run through Mass Effect back in 2007, I thought it was “the new Star Wars,” but I was thinking in terms of the old trilogy only, not of the putrid, bloated thing that Star Wars has become. But maybe that’s what it will be in 10 years, and that worries me. I don’t want to forget why I liked Mass Effect in the first place.

Gameplay direction itself is already cause for worry; Mass Effect was unique, Mass Effect 2 was much less unique, and Mass Effect 3 doesn’t sound unique at all. In terms of gameplay, anyway. How far will this trend go?


On April 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Mass Effect 3 doesn’t need to be unique, its unique by being mass effect 3, ME1 set the tone, ME2 and 3 continued it in a familiar way. Continuing the franchise after 3 would work well, but i don’t think a Mass Effect MMO could work at all, atleast, not really. What would be the ultimate ship to aim for in the game? The Normandy SR2? What about crew? the gameplay mechanics wouldn’t translate.

I would, however, like to see a second trilogy, either based around Shepard or possibly his offspring, importing an ME3 save into a new ME game to dictate race, but not based around the Reapers. Possibly set a few years later and every race has virtually gone to war? who knows.

Adam C

On April 12, 2011 at 9:35 am

I really like that idea Crowbar, I definitely would love to see a second trilogy based around someone else if not Shepard’s off-spring with say Ashley or Miranda etc. maybe that would work…though at the same time could just ruin the franchise or mess around with it like what happened with Star Wars.