Game of Thrones: Achievement Guide

The new Game of Thrones action-RPG published by Atlus is one long sit, taking players through many familiar and unfamiliar locations in Westeros. Spanning fourteen chapters, there are plenty of achievements you might miss as you go. Below you’ll find a selection of easily missable achievements you’ll want to unlock as you go, or face another round of this massive RPG that could take 30 hours or more just to complete it’s main story. Ready to show off to your friends list and prove you’ve got what it takes to sit at the Iron Throne? See the full guide below.

Skillfully play the Game of Thrones with the text walkthrough and live to change Westeros history. For more hidden tips, secrets, codes, and extras walk the long road to our cheats page.

Achievement Guide

  • Disciplinarian: Confront the four recruits with Mors.

    In Chapter 1, choose the option, “I’ll show them who’s in charge here!” and win the first two fights.

  • Know Your Place: Protect the nobility with Alester.

    In Chapter 2, during the hostage crisis, give the nobles’ money to the peasants, and give the castle food supply to the peasants in the marketplace. At the end, during the judgement, order all the peasants killed.

  • Man of the People: Protect the peasants with Alester.

    In Chapter 2, during the hostage crisis, give the peasants funds from your own castle, in the marketplace kill the peasants, then choose to release the peasants during judgement.

  • Bloodhound: Find all the corrupt Brothers of the Night’s Watch.

    In Chapter 5, follow the scents with your dog to uncover secrets. But, the only corrupt Brothers are Gwayne and Bartram.

  • Once More Unto the Breach: Attack the camp without killing the sentries.

    In Chapter 5, tell Patrick to attack the camp at the start.

  • Desecration: Find the key in the tomb.

    In Chapter 6, search Raynald’s tomb in the crypts and take what you find while looking for the seven keys.

  • ‘Tis but a Scratch!: Experience all the physical abuse possible during the torture sequence.

    In Chapter 7, while being tortured, insult your captor whenever you can to egg him on.

  • Swift and Deadly: End the trial by combat in two minutes or less.

    In Chapter 9, use these dialogue options to help complete this achievement: “Keep him talking, catch your breath…” and “I’ll make him spit out everything he knows.”

  • Unrivaled Strategist: Take back Riverspring with a total victory.

    In Chapter 10, send Ryman to the marketplace with bowmen, send Greydown to the gates with pikemen, and send Jon to the docks with peasants.

  • Quiet as a Shadow: Reach Jeyne’s room without being seen.

    In Chapter 11, use your dog instead of engaging in combat. Later on, you will need to kill one guard as he tries to escape upstairs — stab him in the back.

  • Lesser of Two Evils: Aid the Reapers.

    In Chapter 12, you spare Axe, or make sure Orys lives.

  • My Darkest Hour: Execute the judgement passed down on the Westfords.

    In Chapter 13, follow Cerenna when she runs and talk. You’ll be prompted to kill her, do it.

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