Game Of Thrones Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Chapter 13: Alester and Mors

  1. After the cutscene, head straight up from where you are facing and talk to Victor.
  2. Head north and take the sudden sharp left around the corner to talk to the villager.
  3. Dispose of the wave of enemies, and after the next cutscene with the villager, head south and down the stairs to talk to Donnor.
  4. After the next cutscene and battle, you will pass the loading scene into an important story sequence with Master Denyo. Hey, if you don’t like all the story, it’s probably fair to say that you signed up for the wrong game, because so far it’s been ALL story. And maybe a little fighting.
  5. Head northwest to the room full of empty cells and observe the cell at the very end for a cutscene.
  6. Head southeast to the gate with the green icon and exit it for a cutscene with a female villager.
  7. After the cutscene between Mors and Alester, head all the way up the windy staircase and observe the cutscene with the dog when you reach the very top.
  8. Much like you’re used to doing, sneak up on the guard walking up and down the hallway and use the dog to kill him.
  9. Go through the door with the green icon and sneak up on the next guard you see walking around for another stealthy kill.
  10. The next wave of soldiers will ambush you, unless you’re ready for the attack. Nothing special about these ones, so take them out for (sigh) another cutscene. At least the story is good, or these would really start getting old..
  11. Your next objective, it seems, is to flee. Head down the spiral staircase and out the big iron door. Make a right and go into the room before the staircase for a cutscene with Jeyne.
  12. After taking out the wave of guards, you will hit another cutscene, followed by a tougher battle.
  13. Make sure to make good use of your specials and keep your eyes on ALL the enemies during this fight. Focusing too much on one will expose you to the others with all of the open spacing in this hall.
  14. After all the mess gets sorted out (and by sorted out, I mean messier), it will be time for you to return to Riverspring Castle. Head through the door and into the load screen.
  15. To get to Castle Black, head south and through the large door for the last cutscene of the chapter.

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3 Comments on Game Of Thrones Walkthrough


On May 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

where are the rest?

Ace Hammerheart

On June 3, 2012 at 7:07 am

Will you guys do a video walkthrough in the near future? I’d love to see James do this one.


On August 15, 2012 at 10:47 pm

“’11.Take special note of the changing weapons tutorial.”
The in-game tutorial as well as the manual forgets to tell exactly how to change weapons/stance.
The manual tells the button for the xbox edition, but not for the PC.
Also, is it not possible to have the same shield in both stances?
Anyone can help? Thanks.