Game Of Thrones Walkthrough

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Chapter 2: Alester

  1. You will be shown a cutscene that introduces you to Riverspring at the beginning of this chapter.
  2. You will have your pick between combat styles again. This time, your options are Archer, Water Dancer, and Sellsword. Read their descriptions and pick whichever suits you fancy. I find the Water Dancers to be best in terms of overall balance between offense and defense, but they can all do some serious damage if used right.
  3. Once you have control of your character, you must go to Riverspring Castle for your father’s wake. Head a little up the path and you will immediately be thrust into a cutscene with Tyrek.
  4. Follow the arrow on the map and the path up and you will run into a Riverspring armor merchant for a quick cutscene.
  5. After the cutscene, observe the tutorial on the different types of damage in the Game of Thrones world.
  6. Head up the staircases as you continue to follow the arrow on the map and you will run into Greydon for a cutscene.
  7. Follow Harwyn as he takes you to your father’s wake. The characters will do quite a bit of chatting on the way.
  8. There will be another cutscene in which you meet Elyana. She doesn’t seem very happy to see you, does she?
  9. Approach your father to pay homage to him and watch the dialogue that ensues.
  10. Once you regain control of your character, approach Harwyn and talk to him. A bunch of shady things are going down in the world of Game of Thrones. Be prepared- this is an extremely long cutscene.
  11. Your next destination will be Ryman’s location. Head through the door directly in front of you.
  12. After sitting through the loading screen, approach the group of people in front of you and engage in conversation with Ryman.

  13. After the cutscene, head down the group of stairs and examine the people standing bunched together. Seems they are doomed for execution..
  14. After the conversation, talk to Alyn, the young man right next to you.
  15. During the next fairly long cutscene, you will be able to make several decisions. They don’t really affect the game much, so choose whatever suits your personality.
  16. Head up the stairs and to the right and approach the gate. You will need it opened.
  17. If you choose to open the door and unleash the angry hostiles, you will find yourself engaged in a battle. The townspeople are actually extremely easy. I would recommend engaging them for the experience points.
  18. Head around the corner and follow the arrow on the map until you reach Robin. Engage him for a cutscene and continue to head up towards the next group of people for yet another cutscene. That last one is going to be extremely long again.
  19. After all the diplomatic dialogue, you are going to have to head to the castle to talk to Tyrek. Follow the arrow on the map and the guards will open the gate for you when you talk to them.
  20. After the cutscene, you will have to locate Elyana who is a few feet away from you and talk to her.
  21. Head all the way upstairs once you have control of your character. Go down the path and into the glowing corridor and open the giant door in front of you for, you guessed it- a cutscene! This time you meet Betharios. Well, some extra footage and that’ll be the end of Chapter 2!

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3 Comments on Game Of Thrones Walkthrough


On May 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

where are the rest?

Ace Hammerheart

On June 3, 2012 at 7:07 am

Will you guys do a video walkthrough in the near future? I’d love to see James do this one.


On August 15, 2012 at 10:47 pm

“’11.Take special note of the changing weapons tutorial.”
The in-game tutorial as well as the manual forgets to tell exactly how to change weapons/stance.
The manual tells the button for the xbox edition, but not for the PC.
Also, is it not possible to have the same shield in both stances?
Anyone can help? Thanks.