Game Of Thrones Walkthrough

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Chapter 4: Alester

  1. You will need to go to the Sarwyck Manse to gather some information on your brother in the opening of this chapter.
  2. Talk to Old Ren (god this guy creeps me out…) and follow him to the next cutscene with Axe. Not a very friendly dude, is he?
  3. You probably saw this coming based off the way the conversation was going, but you’ve got a fight on your hands after the cutscene. Use your Fierce as a Warrior Ability to deal the most efficient damage.
  4. After the post battle cutscene, speak to Old Ren again.
  5. Kick back and enjoy the cutscene between Varys and Alester.
  6. li>The next cutscene with Valarr isn’t too pleasant, and you will still have to find your way into the Sarwyck Manse after all is said and done. We’ve gotta get to the bottom of this, right?

  7. Talk to Hubb in front of you and enjoy the useful information that he has to offer. Just a fair warning- it’s quite a lot.
  8. After the cutscene, follow Hubb as he will show you the entrance to your destination. Talk to Endrew on the way for a cutscene.
  9. Continue to follow Hubb and you will run into some enemies that are easily disposed of. The action sequence at the end of the fight makes it all worth it and unlocks the Merciless achievement.
  10. After the next short cutscene, go through the trap door that Hubb led you to. Do some exploring, and you will quickly learn that the Manse was attacked.
  11. You will have an encounter in the hallway with the Officer of the Gold Cloak. He’s not too thrilled to see you, so be prepared to fight. Manage your abilities wisely in this battle, as it is more difficult than the random chance encounters you usually get.
  12. Head down the stairs, to the left,and then down another flight of stairs. Head up the one flight in front of you and you will be outside again. Continue to go up the stairs and move towards Chataya’s map marker.
  13. After talking to Chataya, head down the hall for another lengthy cutscene with Varys and Falena.
  14. Your next destination will be the Red Keep. Head through the door and enter the next room. There will be a break in the action as Caron arrives for Alester.

  15. Head out the cell and to the right. Examine the man on the floor. After the conversation, you will have enemies to dispose of.
  16. Head to the cell at the end of the hallway, and follow the path after the cutscene all the way downstairs.
  17. At the bottom of the stairs, head to the left. There is a treasure chest inside of the room at the end.
  18. You will have plenty of enemies to fight as you move down the hallway. The walls are narrow, so watch your spacing and don’t get backed into any corners.
  19. Once you have control of your character after the cutscene, move through the labyrinth until you reach the door with the lever. You will be able to head through it and go down the stairs after an interaction with The Little Bird.
  20. Once you approach the crypts, Alester will note that you have company. Another battle ensues after this.
  21. Go up the stairs in front of you after disposing of the weak enemies and make a right. You will bump into some more hostiles. Nothing special about these, just keep an eye on your health!
  22. At a certain point, the little bird will stop you and tell you he cannot accompany you anymore. Perhaps it is for the best. Go into the room with the light bouncing off the walls and proceed through the door and into another battle. Quick and consistent strikes work well here. Be wary of the archer- he likes to duck behind the table and pop his head out every now and then to shoot arrows at you.
  23. After the next cutscene head up the stairs and use the lever to get through the door on your left. You will encounter a cutscene with Harrold and the queen directly afterwards. Well, that’s about it for this chapter.

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3 Comments on Game Of Thrones Walkthrough


On May 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

where are the rest?

Ace Hammerheart

On June 3, 2012 at 7:07 am

Will you guys do a video walkthrough in the near future? I’d love to see James do this one.


On August 15, 2012 at 10:47 pm

“’11.Take special note of the changing weapons tutorial.”
The in-game tutorial as well as the manual forgets to tell exactly how to change weapons/stance.
The manual tells the button for the xbox edition, but not for the PC.
Also, is it not possible to have the same shield in both stances?
Anyone can help? Thanks.