Gamebryo Engine For Sale — Like, You Could Own It

So this company called Emergent has a game engine called Gamebryo. You know this engine as the reason Oblivion and the two most recent Fallout games look awkward and generally ugly (it’s gotta have the worst third-person character animation ever). Also, for some reason, Epic Mickey makes use of it. Anyway, when very few money-making games use your engine, you’re bound to run into cash trouble, which Emergent has. Now they’re putting the Gamebryo engine up for auction.

This is kind of amazing. And amusing. You, yes you, could buy the engine that powers one of the biggest games of the year.

Maybe you should have made a better engine, guys. Or something.

via Edge

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2 Comments on Gamebryo Engine For Sale — Like, You Could Own It

Where's your head.

On November 12, 2010 at 7:06 pm

I’ve always thought the Gamebryo engine was very good, you can’t fault animation or textures in those games on the engine instead blast Bethasda for that.

Oblivion looked very impressive when it came out in 2006, which makes the engine going on 5 years old and if you add some of the user created textures to Oblivion it still looks impressive to this day.

Also the Gamebryo engine has always made it very easy for the community to mod the game, almost as if that was one of their priorities when making it. Infact it’s right up there with Source and Neverwinter Nights 1 Aurora engine in that regard.

You’re clearly blasting a game engine for the games using it, when you should be taking it out on the game creators. Also textures are limited thanks to the games being cross platform (another plus for the engine), while high detail textures would still be fine on high end PCs consoles simply can’t handle it, they have neither the processing power nor the memory to run a game that has such vast expanses and streams instead of loads sections of the wilderness. For example Oblivion with the custom textures can easily eat up over 1GB of VGA memory, no console today can handle that so blame Bethesda for not catering more to PC hardware which can.

I suggest you do some research before blasting things especially if you’re writing for Filefront as it deserves better, as does the Gamebryo engine.


On November 13, 2010 at 7:17 am

It’s not the console’s fault. The engine, from ground up it isn’t right, I mean there are some fundamental mashups in this engine. You cant climb ladders!!! OMG that must be the lamest thing ever WTF. I dont see the difference between jumping and hopping, and textures anyways look yuck, cuztom textures do some good, but really, the performance dip isn’t justified at all compared to the graphics level. And it’s stuck at DX9, at the age when DX11 has matured(well that’s all thanks to the underpowered consoles)