GameFront 2010: The Essential Civilization V Mods

To be frank, Civilization V is not – yet – perfect. The massive changes to the series’ conventions have been met with everything from outrage to acclaim, but whatever your opinion of the final product (and I like it a lot), it should probably still be considered a work in progress. There’s a long ways to go before we get to Beyond The Sword levels of awesome, and this is particularly true when it comes to gameplay changes such as the one-unit-tile rule, or the omission of beloved aspects of earlier games (whither religions! Or Corporations!). So while you’re waiting for the almost-certain-to-be-massive expansion packs that have come to define the experience of playing a Civilization game, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the many mods available to enhance, alter or drastically transform the game.

To help, here are GameFront’s staff picks for the most essential Civilization V mods of 2010.

Ben Richardson

* A Civ of Ice and Fire

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Fortunately, the Game of Thrones Mod for Civilization V allows you to test your mettle with slightly more forgiving rules, faithfully recreating the conflict-wracked world of Westeros, and enabling you play as one 6 powerful factions: Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, Greyjoy, or The Night’s Watch. If your hackles have been raised by the tantalizing preview recently aired on HBO, this is just the Mod you’ll need to dull your fervor for George R. R. Martin’s gripping fantasy series. Get it here.

Ross Lincoln

* The World of Tamriel

Perfect for those of you still writing love poetry about Oblivion, The World of Tamriel throws Civilization 5 into the Tamriel from Elder Scrolls. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it already has the correct Kingdom and ruler names, new units, and a Civ V game lasting from Ancient to Medieval times. More updates are on the way, but it’s already worth your time. Download here.

* Greek World Civ V

This mod makes my nerd glands throb with glee. Greek World Civ V is a map that accurately approximates Hecataeus‘ map of the world as it was known to the Ancient Greeks. Additional details from other sources, including Homer, Ptolemy, and Herodotus flesh out the map considerably and create something that feels very much like how the ancients viewed their universe. If you majored in History or just nerd out with your words out over Greco-Roman goodness, this is a required download. NOTE: You’ll need the Babylon DLC to operate.

Greek up your life here.

* Total Mod V.6

Stop what you’re doing right now, and grab Total Mod V.6 immediately. It vastly expands the scope of Civ V, adding 2 new eras (Prehistoric, and Digital), 27(!!!) new technologies *(including genetics and cloning), and fantastic new units, particularly the Caveman. As you’d expect, this one’s ongoing, and there’s lots more to come. For those of you who feel (rightly) that Civ V, while excellent, also leaves much to be desired, this is the perfect way to pass the time while we wait for the inevitable expansion packs. Download link.

* Legions

Last but not least, I’m repeating myself here, but I cannot recommend Legions highly enough. Civ V’s one-unit-per-tile rule represents a gigantic break with the series’ conventions, and the more I play it, the more annoyed by it I’ve become. It simplifies combat to the detriment of game play, and is an annoying eyesore to boot. Frankly, I miss the Stacks of Doooom, and Legions brings them back to Civilization V by removing the one-unit-per-tile restriction.

There are other great things about Legions, but Stacks Of DOOOM are what you need. It’s available right now from the Mod Browser in Civilization V.

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6 Comments on GameFront 2010: The Essential Civilization V Mods


On January 17, 2011 at 3:27 am

i am just wondering about a potential expansion pack for civ v cause i am celtic and would love to play the celts. please assist if possible

Michael K of RP CA

On October 28, 2011 at 2:11 am

Legions = Hot! Thank goodness someone took action to remedy the “one-unit-per-hex” rule which transformed CIV IV warfare into a watered-down Panzer General or something. Thanks to the author of Legions and to Gamefront for bringing it to everyone’s attention.


On January 26, 2012 at 11:46 pm

Each to his own, but I prefer the battle mechanics of Civ V over the Stacks of Doom of IV. The SoD system robbed units of their tactical significance in relation to location, and it also removed the significance a player imparts to the units themselves in terms of their history, capabilities and character.

I miss some the detail that IV held compared to V, but the SoD–if anything–is the main reason I played two games of IV and am up to about 8 on V. The accessibility of mods would also play a large part in this favouritism.

While a mixture of the two systems (with single armies of less than five units able to occupy one hex while accompanied by a general) would probably tempt me, I’m yet to even consider a mod that brings back the SoD system.


On January 28, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Brian, there are Celts mods on the ingame browser. I highly recommend the Queen of Iceni one, but most of them will do. The expansion pack that Firaxis has released is the vikings, who attempted (but failed) to conquer many Celtic lands.


On February 3, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Um, none of these pictures work and none of the download links work…can you guys reupload all of this? Thanks


On March 13, 2012 at 10:45 pm

Just reiterating what Ben said, none of the pictures or links work. I’d love some of these mods but I can’t find them without the links! Please fix this!!