GameFront 2010: The Essential StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty Mods

In 2010, no game – no, not even your favorite – has been preceded by more rabid anticipation than the took-12-damned-years-to-arrive brilliance of StarCraft II. That anticipation wasn’t just smoke either; it was released to excellent reviews, and people bought the HELL out of it. It sold 1.5 million copies in its first 2 days; within its a month that number increased to 3 million. Total 2010 sales have not been released but estimates range anywhere from 6 to 10 million copies total; if this ends up being true, it’s probably the best selling PC game of 2010 (though possibly dented by pirating).

Mods of the series’ first game have been a staple of the modding community for years, so it’s no surprise that even before StarCraft II’s official release, the Beta group created some astounding add-ons. It’s even less surprising that post-release, the StarCraft II story has been 50% people getting banned for cheating and 5000% a steady flow of custom maps (conveniently available when you’re on that will blow your mind out of your socks and back into your head.

Still wondering how you might accomplish the blowing of your mind? Here are GameFront’s essential 2010 StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty mods.

Supply Depot Tetris

This one gets a thousand thousand golf claps for simple, elegant excellence. I mean, come on, tight? It’s Tetris. Using SCII Supply Depots. As if you need more information.


Just in time to whet your appetite for Tron: Legacy (or maybe not), here’s a hilarious map that approximates the classic 80s Tron arcade game.

Zombie Attack (Terran Defense)

You’d think it wouldn’t be possible, but zombies somehow never get old, ever. They just keep being awesome, and this map proves it. You’ll fight wave after wave of deadly zombies and it will never get old.

Project Vector

This one’s still in development, but news of this amazing mod first dropped back in October, so we’re claiming it for this list. Project Vector is, essentially, an attempt to turn StarCraft II into Dead Space, a goal we wholeheartedly support. You can keep abreast of its development at the official page.


And speaking of zombies and 3rd person shooters, if you love both ideas, AC130K is what you’re looking for. This very excellent looking zombie shooter also happens to be the best looking of the 3rd person mods that have been created in the SCII Level Editor. (Sidenote: it doesn’t hurt that as with all such mods, the characters look like muscular Tron characters. Love it.) TronCraft, simply put, is, well, a very excellent looking 3rd person zombie shooter. Need we go on?

StarCraft II: Final Fantasy

Exactly what it says. Hot, turn-based RPG action via StarCraft II, based on the original gangsta NES versions of Final Fantasy.


A neat set of competitive minigames, similar in concept to the Mario Party series. It’s pretty insubstantial but just the thing for whiling away several hours with your friends, particularly when you’ve grown weary of having your ass handed to you by middle school students who have way, way more time to perfect their SCII game than you do. Also goes down smooth when you’re drunk. (H/t starcraft2mods)

DotA V 1.1

Last but not least, this is it, THE absolutely, positively, inarguably essential StarCraft II mod. Of course, you already know about Blizzard’s love of banning cheaters from It’s been a bloodbath as thousands and thousands of would-be cheaters attempt with increasingly failure to evade their carefully constructed balance and fairness requirements. And yet, people keep trying, hence this one, the StarCraft II Map that will stop that problem.

Now, normally all a map will do is be playable on Battlenet. However this one will actually install a teensy bit of code into your game that renders your profile completely impervious to their cheat detection system. It will also prevent you from being banned from online play. No, seriously, we are not kidding. Don’t believe us? This video shows you how it works. It is vitally important you watch the whole thing to find out how.

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