GameFront 2010: Year in Random Stats

Looking over the pile of games we’ve gone through during 2010 at GameFront, we started to wonder. How many games did we review this year? How many had we painstakingly created walkthroughs for? How many zombies did we massacre in the course of hacking our way through Fortune City in Dead Rising 2, and how many times were we brutalized by angry high-voiced anonymous children on Xbox Live in Call of Duty: Black Ops?

So we started crunching the numbers. For your enjoyment and with absolutely no useful application whatsoever, here’s our 2010 by the numbers.


Everything we wrote down and slapped on the Internet to be met by your eyeballs, by category.

Reviews: 85

Walkthroughs: 50

News posts: 2,124

Cheats posts: 303

Features: 390

Videos: 268

Stats by Writer:

Once we got bored of looking at the different kinds of posts we did, we started slogging through our Gamer Cards, PSN IDs, Steam accounts, electricity bills, game shelves and piles of non-working Xboxes to figure out what 2010 looked like for each of us.

  • Phil Owen inaugurated a new Xbox 360 S this year after a disc drive failure claimed his last box after the warranty had expired. That would make it his 12th 360 — and the system just celebrated its fifth birthday last month.

He also warmed his thumbs with 66 new disc-based games he’d never played before.

Owen’s added 10,870 Gamer Score to his Xbox Live handle this year, and snagged 418 Bronze Trophies, 85 Silver Trophies, 16 Gold Trophies and a single Platinum Trophy on Playstation 3.

He also managed to break a laptop in there somewhere.

  • Ron Whitaker lost his PS3 to the Yellow Light of Death, at the inopportune time of having Uncharted 2 stuck in the disc tray. He bought a second PS3 as a pinch hitter while the first one was being worked on at Sony.

He purchased 24 games he didn’t need for any reason this year, just because they were on sale on Steam.

He logged more than 100 hours combined on Company of Heroes, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Rock Band 2 and 3.

Ron also found time to slay some 15,573 Left 4 Dead 2 zombies, the vast majority with the Magnum Pistol. This count was down, however, from 2009′s 24,417 killed.

And finally, Ron managed to log 12 full months without renewing his subscription to World of Warcraft.

  • Ben Richardson’s Xbox 360 suffered some kind of disc drive indigestion when the bar code label on a Blockbuster disc peeled off mid-game. Chalk up one more repair.

During his 2010 tour, Ben racked up 258 disintegrations as he trekked the desolate fields of the Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. Back in Dead Rising 2‘s livelier Fortune City, he put down 2,129 zombies for the year. And in his service, more than 100,000 soldiers (a quarter of the U.S. losses in World War II) were KIA in Total War.

Ben’s game shelves swelled by 19 new games this year, and he managed to play two old ones for good measure.

He also put in 47 hours in Fallout: New Vegas67 hours in Empire: Total War and 49 hours in Napoleon: Total War.

  • Phil Hornshaw’s Xbox 360 Elite graced the worktable of a Microsoft repair technician twice during 2010, and twice the machine’s guts were splayed out on Hornshaw’s own coffee table as he attempted to fix it himself (the warranty having expired). Only one of those repair sessions was successful — those YouTube videos that suggest fixing an E74 error with pennies are incorrect. FYI.

Hornshaw murdered something in the range of 11,651 zombies in Dead Rising 2 during 2010, although the exact figure is sketchy due to files being saved over multiple times. He also suffered some 4,482 multiplayer deaths on Xbox Live during that time.

Of the 22 games he played, he turned out 16 walkthroughs for GameFront. He spent 99 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds playing Red Dead Redemption (not including any of the DLC), at least a portion of that for the walkthrough. Meanwhile, Kane & Lynch 2 presented the quickest walkthrough and was handled in one marathon overnight session.

Hornshaw snagged 404 Achievements and Trophies this year, and also created his own environmental holocaust by logging some 3,386 kilowatt-hours of power while working from home.

Just like the other Phil, Hornshaw also broke his computer — twice. And after HP fixed it, he broke it again, and had to fix it himself.

  • Shawn Sines managed not to have any hardware fail on him, putting him squarely in the magic 58 percent of Xbox 360s that don’t fail and 81 percent of Playstation 3′s that don’t fail (according to some fairly unofficial figures discovered in a cursory Google search). He also received 90 percent of hateful glares as he told us he hadn’t any hardware failures.

Shawn continued his proud tradition of (inadvertently? He refused to clarify…) purchasing the same game more than once. The top offender was Dragon Age: Originshe bought the game twice, then bought DLC for both copies — twice.

  • Mark Burnham didn’t just have a PC break this year — he had one grievously wounded by a malware attack. Despite his best efforts of squashing the offending program, no mere mortal anti-virus measure was enough to combat it. In fact, as Mark tells it, it took all the abilities of his local PC repair ninja, who was nearly lost in the process and was left exhausted. One evil little bug nearly cost Mark a computer, as well as a ninja his life.

When everything finally was healed, however, Mark managed to fire through 21 new games this year.

Approximate Totals:

  • New games played: 148
  • Xbox repairs: 4
  • Replacement Xbox 360′s purchased: 1
  • PS3 repairs: 1
  • Replacement PS3′s purchased: 1
  • PC repairs: 5
  • Zombies massacred: 29,353 (with three writers reporting)

Got goofy random stats of your own? Leave ‘em in the comments.

Want to add to your “Zombies Killed” total by plowing through the Case West DLC? We’ve got a full walkthrough here.

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