GameFront 2010: The Year’s Funniest (And Best?) User Created Videos

A great entertainment product takes a LOT of time and people. Techies, artists, writers, investors, and an insanely large number of specialized, very specific taskers, work for years just to make something intended to be fun. It also takes enthused customers, the kind of people who don’t just love something but want to declare the thing they love to be a religion. Nowhere (aside from comics) will you find more distilled versions of any of these factors than in gaming, particularly when it comes ot enthused customers.

That enthusiasm leads to some hilarious , and sometimes, staggeringly awesome outcomes. Do something right and endless rivers of praise flow to you. F-ck up and the outrage will hurt your ancestors’ feelings. Someone who spends their childhood playing Tetris might one day grow up to make something like the final video in this list. Someone without a personal filter and an internet connection might broadcast their deepest thoughts to the world, heedless of the potential cost to themselves. Either way, tribute and dissing are best when they come in the form of fan created videos, and here are GameFront’s most hilarious (and simply best) user created videos from 2010.

Super Mario Minecraft

Minecraft has been the source of so, so much WIN in 2010 that we already gave it its own best of 2010 category. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also include some of the best hilarity ever that didn’t make that list. Here’s the best use of anyone’s time ever – someone created their own Mario World using Minecraft.

Super Mario 3 Minecraft Map – Watch more Game Trailers

StarCraft 2 Lord of The Dance

This is so incredible it ought to become an expansion pack. Watch through to the very end for maximum hilarity.

Starcraft 2 Lord of the Dance – Watch more Game Trailers

The Ultimate Post-Breakup F*ck You

And speaking of StarCraft 2, I don’t know what this guy did but I’m guessing a combination of cheating, stealing and STD transmission because his ex girlfriend delivered the most painful, and hilarious, retribution ever. WARNING: As is often the case with breakups, there’s a lot of F-bombs. Turn the volume down.

Starcraft2 Break up – Watch more Funny Videos

Street Fighter High

It’s Teen Mom crossed with The Secret Life of the American Teenager crossed with the Street Fighter series. I particularly love how Hadouken is nothing more than two bromeos shouting at each other.

Street Fighter High Fanmade Video – Watch more Game Trailers

Crazy Profane Gamer

This obsessive Pokemon fan amused the internet like crazy when he put out this video proclaiming his love of the upcoming Pokemon game. WARNING: he drops N-bombs like Lil’ Wayne.

Black Man Loves Pokemon – Watch more Game Trailers

Ohhhh, wait, except it seems he’s also obsessive about Mass Effect 2, too. I smell comedian working the viral angle. Even so, that Pokemon video is, in fact, off the chain, so I don’t care.

Kabuto The Python – Those Minerals

This tribute/dis track to Mass Effect 2′s obligatory mining minigame is f-ck-ng hilarious, but also kind of good.

WOW Guy Angry About WOW And Irate About Star Trek Online

Just watch it.

WOW Guy Angry About WOW And Irate About Star Trek Online – Watch more Game Trailers

Blizz Con’s Red Shirt Guy

This guy rules. Not only because this guy is trekkie than the trekkiest Trek nerd ever, but also because he schooled Blizzard about their own game.

Blizz Con’s Red Shirt Guy – Watch more Game Trailers

He also recorded an even more awesome follow up addressing his unwitting internet notoriety.

Best Football Announcer Ever Playing Madden NFL 11 Video

WARNING: Inexplicable N-bombs galore.

Best Football Announcer Ever Playing Madden NFL 11 Video – Watch more Game Trailers


We’ll leave you with the best of the lot. PIxels is so high quality you can’t believe it isn’t a viral marketing campaign for a very high budget film. But nope, no deception. Watch as New York City is gradually converted to 8-bit graphics by marauding hordes of classic gaming characters.

Pixels! – Watch more Game Trailers

H/T Earnest Pettie.

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