GameFront Network Mod Update – May 25

GameFront houses over 60 network sites dedicated to hosting game files and has amassed a talented modding community over the years. These network sites can be accessed through the pulldown in the top banner on the GameFront home page.

Here are some popular files we’ve pulled from the archives:

2010: Windows 7 64-bit Battle for Middle-Earth fix

Forged from the mines of Moria comes this user-made patch that fixes the crashing issue seen in Battle for Middle-Earth 2 on Windows 7 64-bit or one systems with a monitor that goes beyond a resolution of 1024×768.

Many other websites — including the EA forums — have verified that this solution works. The “mod” is an options.ini file that provides the basic menu settings to get your game running.

2010: Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations is a multiplayer-orientated mod for Star Trek: Armada 2 that seeks to recapture the series’ Star Trek roots.

Each ship is redesigned with more realistic textures, each race has a single, newly-designed tech tree, asteroid fields are more realistic, the star maps are improved, and a new credit system allows you to create a number of special race-specific ships.

Five playable races, over 200 brand new ship and station models, new multiplayer maps in realistic environments, long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects, completely reworked Artificial Intelligence and balance systems…


2009: Firestorm over Kronus

For the Emperor!

This mod for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade delivers a play experience closer to the original tabletop wargame format. Changes have been made to gameplay, win conditions, models, and tech trees. The Army Painter now includes randomized elements — you won’t see the same model twice if you view a unit more than once.

Further, an improved and extended UI allows for a truly tabletop-range of squad choices, abilities, and upgrades, with an array of weapons and wargrear taken straight from the pages of the tabletop Codecies.

2008: HighRes Textures Q4

Here’s a Quake 4 mod that doubles the model texture resolution to modernize this six-year-old game. When Quake 4 first came out, my computer could barely run it on minimum settings. It’s great to be able to revisit old games on a new system, max out the graphics settings, then install a mod to blast the graphics higher than was possible when the game was released.

Stroggs never looked uglier. In a good way.

2008: Star Trek Armada II Patch Project

Number One, this unofficial patch project for Armada 2 is an essential download for all Armada 2 players and modders. It solves the popular MVAM problem, adds two new command line parameters (one to skip intros, the other to force the players to have only a certain number of a ship class or station), provides compatibility with Vista and 1.1 patched versions online, adds a game updated in the main menu, and includes many bug fixes. It even automatically sends bug reports to the mod team!

If you’re a modder — novice or veteran — join the community and contribute your creations. If you’re not, then browse around to find great mods for your favorite games. Just use the pulldown in the top banner of this page.

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