GameFront Network Mod Update — June 2

GameFront houses over 60 network sites dedicated to hosting game files and has amassed a talented modding community over the years. These network sites can be accessed through the pulldown in the top banner on the GameFront home page.

Apart from being a hub for top-quality mods for recent games, the network sites host old classics. Maybe you’re new to the modding community. Maybe you just picked up an old game from the bargain bin. Or maybe you’ve played some of these old mods and think it’s time to reinstall them for nostalgia’s sake.

Whatever your case may be, here are some popular files we’ve pulled from the archives. There’s no expiry date on fun.

2008: Physis III

Who said G-Mod is the only playground for physics?

This third map for Crysis in the Physis series features three islands stock full of physics fun. From rag-dolls, objects, and buildings to Rube Goldberg machines, this map is all about showcasing the engine’s physics capabilities. In hilarious ways.

This map may be three years old, but how many players could actually run physics-heavy mods in Crysis that long ago? I mean, without their computer catching fire.

2007: A Bad Surprise

This challenging map for Battlefield 2 sets itself apart from the pack with its large size and focus on infantry. Complete with singleplayer support, A Bad Surprise pits the US Marine Corps against Chinese rebels in and around a USMC medical compound. Objective? Hold off the rebel attack until wounded civilians can be evacuated.

Some players have said this map reminded them of the battle of Hoth in Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Just without lasers. Or snow. Or an evil empire. Unless…

2005: Tally’s MP Bot Mod

This pioneer Call of Duty 2 mod paved the way for custom bot support by allowing server admins to spawn up to 10 bots on their servers. Unfortunately, the bot AI is beyond dumb and couldn’t offer a challenge to an octogenarian, but it’s an excellent proof of concept. And it makes for decent stress-relief.

Perhaps the best perk is that bots don’t squeal obscenities that would make a sailor blush in prepubescent eunuch voices. Although, they can be programed to do so…

2004: WW2 Collection Pack

This seven year old compilation pack contains the most popular (at the time) WW2 addons and missions for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. It offers a wide variety of tanks, planes, infantry, and weapons, and three entire campaigns — though one is completely in Russian. Insert Soviet Russia joke.

If you’d like to revisit Operation Flashpoint, this mod will give you a fresh experience, with enough content to justify dusting off your CD and reinstalling this oldie.

If you’re a modder — novice or veteran — join the community and contribute your creations. You just may end up creating something that will be downloaded tens of thousands of times.

If you’re not a modder, then browse around to find great mods for your favorite games. Just use the pulldown in the top banner of this page.

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