GameFront Network Mod Update — June 29

GameFront houses over 60 network sites dedicated to hosting game files and has amassed a talented modding community over the years. These network sites can be accessed through the pulldown in the top banner on the GameFront home page.

Apart from being a hub for top-quality mods for recent games, the network sites host old classics. Maybe you’re new to the modding community. Maybe you just picked up an old game from the bargain bin. Or maybe you’ve played some of these old mods and think it’s time to reinstall them for nostalgia’s sake.

Whatever your case may be, here are some popular files we’ve pulled from the archives. There’s no expiry date on fun.

2011: WARZONES – Misanthropy Pure

Empty wasteland got you down?

Here’s a Fallout: New Vegas mod that adds massive battles between humanoid factions to the Mojave Wasteland. New scenery, new battlefields, new “bosses,” and over 900 (not 9000, unfortunately) new NPCs spice up the wasteland and ensure you’ll never run out of things to shoot. They even respawn after a while, following a random algorithm that ensures no two battles will ever be the same, and there is some degree of difficulty scaling included as well.

2009: Earth’s Special Forces: ECX RC2

This mod has been in development for over 9000 hours — closer to 90,000, actually. There, I knew I could sneak one in, somewhere.

I would have expected this Half-Life mod to include “Dragonball Z” in the title somewhere, because that’s the series it is based off, complete with over 30 characters who fly, power up, transform, melee, and fire beams as they beat each other to a pulp.

2008: Tyranid Mod

Many a StarCraft fan has looked at the Tyranids and said, “Hey, they copied the Zerg!” I know this because I was one of them.

In response, Warhammer fans have had to face-palm and affirm that Tyranids existed in Warhammer lore long before Blizzard began development on StarCraft. I’ve done the research, and I’ve eaten crow.

This mod for Dawn of War adds the Tyranid race to the game. Swarm the enemy with hundreds of hormagaunts, stamp on your foes with the huge carnifex and devour your opponents from within with the deadly lictor.

2006: Red Alert 3

No, this isn’t a pirated version of Red Alert 3 being illegally distributed. It’s a mod for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour that allows you to see your favorite Red Alert 3 characters in a more modern engine.

The mod features full campaigns for each faction, including Yuri. Not all aspects of the original Red Alert 3 game are included, but players can still select their country, Germany still has the tank destroyer, and France still has its Grand Cannon.

The mod has some balance issues, but the nostalgia value can’t be overrated.

If you’re a modder — novice or veteran — join the community and contribute your creations. You may just end up creating something that will be downloaded tens of thousands of times.

If you’re not a modder, then browse around to find great mods for your favorite games. Just use the pulldown in the top banner of this page.

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